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    Are gated communities far better?

    In every major city of India, the gated communities are becoming very famous. The main advantage is that there is some security and water supply is assured. The homogeneity is slightly better.

    However, this comes at a price. The maintenance charges are even Rs.5000 or more. The rents are already high and tenants do not prefer the houses available for rent, only for this reason. The house owners grumble, but pay the maintenance charges.

    What is your opinion about these gated communities?
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    Gatted community life is like a life in quarters. But the only difference is the people staying in the place may be working in different organisations. If we stay in a quarter, the colleagues will know everything about the happenings in the house. Here that problem is not there. But whatever is happening in our house will be known to the people staying in the gated community.
    There are some advantages like security is good. Even we lock the house and go out of the station we need not have any fear of thieves as the whole area is under the security vigilance. But the maintenance cost may be high as expressed by the author. If we are in an independent house it is a problem to plan a trip of the entire family. We have to search for the people who will help us in manning the house in the nights so that there will not be a problem with thieves.

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    What I feel that those who are in gated communities are denying themselves the natural and general way of living to which we are habituated. That means the milk boy wont come, the news paper person wont come inside, the petty vegetable and flower vendors wont be allowed inside and even the waste paper kabaadi wala wont be allowed. All these people are very much required for the house holds on regular basis. And above all even relatives and friends would shay away from their frequent coming in to the gated communities as the security would ask for so many questions and there are every chance that the visitor may be denied entry by owners want to avoid them.
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