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    ISCians are from different States of this country.

    We know that the members of this channel are from different States. However, I feel that many of the States do not have representatives here. Is there any specific reason for that? Will it be possible to widen the network and attract more members to this network ?
    Such an attempt can help I understanding the regional views on various issues that are discussed here. Each member can take initiative in this, if the suggestion is acceptable.
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    I am giving my personal opinion here. ISC has more than 5 lakh Members. They are equally spread all over India. Some of the Members are even from outside India. However, I think that the number of active Members is around 150 only. Some years ago, Mr. SuN, an active Member of ISC, prepared a map of active Members. From that map, I noted that the concentration of Members is mainly at the southern states of the country, especially more from Kerala and Tamilnadu. This may be because the Webmasters are from Kerala and initially Members joined ISC from these two states only. Later, Members from other states have started joining this platform.

    I reiterate that the above is my personal opinion.

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    What I think that our site is being represented in the past and now from across the many states and I came in to contact through them in various spider sites to which I was also active. But I feel that some of the NE region, Andamans, Lakshwadeep, Daman and Diu were not represented. In fact ISC is more famous Internationally as we had members from Pakistan, Australia, South Africa, Sudan, Kenya, Russia and many more. Yes I too want to know at present from members who are regular here would like to give details as to from where they are hailing. I am from Hyderabad - Telangana.
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    A good post. As I understand we see many members from all over India, but the majority are from the Southern States. There are members from other States also but not as many as of from these states. Probably ISC may be having their own statistical details on this and they may share the information. But if we see the activity mainly a few are only active. How to make more members active is also to be thought off.
    The details of the regular members may be known to all active members but how to make more members active is the important issue.

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    Sir, honestly only the webmasters or admin team can answer this. Also, we need to know the numbers of active members split state wise, especially, the members who are regular as only this would give the true picture. Once we have these figures, then the members can give suggestions how to improve it.

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    Ours is a big country and it is not necessary that people will be equally interested in an online activity from all the parts of the country. The reason is that different areas have different academic tastes and characteristics of the people. For example students from Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh are quite good in software and computer areas and that is the reason that they are spread in this industry everywhere including foreign countries like US.

    Likewise People of Punjab, Rajasthan and Gujarat are more inclined to business and commercial things and are found having shops everywhere.

    So there is no surprise that we have a bigger chunk of members in ISC from Southern part as compared to rest of the country.

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    That is really a good opinion sir. But since everybody does not remain active here, so I don't think that will be much easier for members of all other states. It depends upon interest too, as to who wants to spend time writing here and who does not. Also, everyone does not feel like sharing opinions on various issues in ISC. Different people have different perceptions and so responses would differentiate.
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