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    A request to the Editors regarding Alerts.

    We receive alerts from ISC when our AskExpert answer is edited. From this alert, we will understand the status of our post. Similarly, when we submit an article also we will receive an alert regarding its acceptance or with some proposed changes. Once we receive that alert we will act upon it do as required so that our article is getting accepted. Once the article is accepted also we will receive an alert. When somebody writes a comment about our article also we will receive a mail. But after we place a comment on an article we don't know what happened to that unless otherwise we go back and see all our posts again. The validation of the comments also will be taking more time as the Editor concern may be busy with other activities. Is it possible to send an alert when the comment is validated? Otherwise, there is no mechanism to know what happened to the comment unless otherwise we go back and check.
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    After you append the comment or the reply to a comment, there is a notify box below this answer space and that can be selected to get the alert from the editors.
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    I get that alerts. But the alert after the editing is done by the Editor I am not getting the alert. Anyhow as per your suggestion, I will do that and I will see whether I get any alert.
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    What I understand that if you just tick the notify box just below this address space, what ever discussions and even editing happens would be known to you through alerts.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Yes, we are required to check our own contribution page to find whether our article responses have been approved by the Editor, or not. There is no system of alert available for indicating approval of articles responses. Most probably, very few Members post responses to the articles, so the alert system has not yet been implemented in this sub-section.
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