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    Is there an explanation for this experience ?

    In this note I try to explain one of my personal experience. I was a student at that time. I went to a place with my parents to a house of a distant relative to attend a function. It was for the first time I was going there. But when I reached there I was feeling that I had gone there earlier. I could locate certain rooms, pond inside the compound, a mango tree, a well, etc. without others help, why even the geography was clear to me. I was sure that I had not gone there earlier. I clarified this with my parents. They also had not gone there earlier. Then how come such an experience ?

    One more time such a feeling confused. This time I was older by age than at the earlier experience time. Any one had such a rare experience ? I repeat it that I am not joking.
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    Sometimes this happens. When we see somebody we will feel that we have met him earlier. But we may not be able to recollect when did we meet him?
    I have a similar experience. But my experience is not about a house but about a village.
    When I was in my Class IV, my uncle took me to a remote village which is the native place of my forefathers. Earlier to that I had never gone to that place. But the moment I got down from the bus with my uncle in that village I started getting a feeling that those roads are very familiar and the houses there are also familiar. I was there for about 3 days and all these three days my feeling is getting stronger. But I couldn't understand how that feeling had come to me. I shared my thoughts with my uncle. He said that it may be due to that fact that the village belongs to our forefathers. After that 2 or 3 times, I had been to that village. But the feeling I got for the first time is still I can't forget.

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    Normally when we visit a old house in village, immediately we get connected to our ancestors and their properties owned and enjoyed by them no matter we have seen them earlier or lived there or not. That is called blood relation. We relate something which we cannot explain to others and find that it is there for sure. I can understand your feelings also on the same line. Moreover some village homes create vibrations when we visit for the first time and as our fore fathers also resided there, we immediately get accustomed as if we have come for many times. Good to have such experience.
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    I have read the thread. Again I will express my personal opinion. Although many people will say about para-normal things or previous birth, I think this is the game played by our sub-conscious mind. Maybe we vividly imagined living in a similar house or we earlier stayed in a similar house at a different location or heard the description of such house from our elders, so we feel that we earlier lived in a house or visited that place earlier.
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    This is called transference of feelings, in psychology. You would have lived in a similar house and would have even seen similar houses. So, when you see something that you cherish, memories of something that you really love or something that you really want to experience flashes your mind. Similarly, we dream about so many things we desire. It is in this context that psychologists interpret dreams as nothing but visual images of each of our unmet desires. That is, those desires we really chase in our real life, but are not able to obtain. For example, for any young male, dreaming that a famous cinema actor is his wife does happen. This is nothing but a mirage. A visual experience in our sub-conscious mind, of something we really desire in our real life.

    Yes, there is para psychology which is now developing. However, there is no conclusive evidence to prove anything. Your experience is more of what I have described as transference of feelings. In fact, a clinical psychologist will be able to give you a more scientific explanation.

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    Very interesting to know the author's experience. I really cannot understand the reason behind such feelings but just think it's a magic happened.

    The same kind of experience happened to me during my childhood. I was addicted to watching all new movies. One day, I went for a newly released movie of my favorite hero in theatre, I felt like I have already seen this movie and as if I was familiar with the scenes that are going on in the movie.

    But there was no chance for me to watch the movie as it was a newly released one. These feelings cannot be explained but it's confusing why this happens.

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    This is definitely something related to the subconcious mind and the mysteries hidden there.

    Another thing which comes to my mind is that people who had been a voracious readers and have read novels, travelog, autobiographies and things like that may encounter such things in real life when the faint memory of something read long back coincides with the present situation. It may be rare but mind works in its own mysterious ways and it is not easy to untangle that.

    I had similar experiences mainly for the resemblance in landscapes of the places I visited versus I read long back in some fictional books.

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