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    Watch Big Boss like a Big Boss…!

    Telugu audience are already at a fever pitch for Big Boss 2. The Host, actor Nani, comes with a tagline saying, "This is Big Boss house and anything can happen here". The last task was so exciting, where the contestants had to perform the given task to save another contestant from the nomination. This task developed a good relationship in the contestants. At the same time, there are also few audience who consider this as a useless show.

    Surprisingly one of my relatives opposed to watching this show saying "for me, it's like peeping into others' bedroom". Please share your excitement and opinions about the show.
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    Well for the youth this program may connect to their choice of viewing, but for me it is useless and wont give credence for many reasons. First of all the contestants selected were not consulted from the viewers and they are forced on the people. We expected at least some good television performers as the actors wont give dates to Big boss as they may spoil there good name if eliminated. Moreover some academicians, professionals and public figures apart from politicians could have been roped in. And by the way what the Tv9 anchor is playing there. It sheer waste of man hours.
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    I have watched Big Boss 1 hosted by Jr.NTR. The show was very interesting. The guests in the Bog Boss house are also a little-known people. So many people watched this and there was a very good response.
    Coming to this Big Boss 2 Nani is trying to show his talent but the general feeling what I heard is he is not anywhere near to the talent shown by NTR. Coming to the participants, I am not able to recognise many of those of people. My son is watching the show very regularly. The controversies like a lady participant getting vanished in the midnight and discussing that many times is not that good.
    Another point to be noted is the participants who are from the common public are not being paid any amount towards the participation. Do you think it is justifiable? Is it not exploitation? Once they have selected somebody as a participant he should be given some amount. What do you say?

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    By the way what the viewer is getting benefited by watching big boss ? Is there any gifts or freebies attached to the viewers or like any SMS contest so that viewers can win some prize ?
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    There is no such SMS or Gifts or Freebies for the viewers. Just time pass and enjoying. Voters can vote for the participants but I don't know the details regarding the voting method and what is the address to be seen on the net for voting. The more the votes a participant gets, the more the chances for him to get continue on the show for the week. This is the only told. They never discuss the methodology of voting.
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    I generally do not view TV serials. Except news sometimes, I do not open my TV . So I am not watching Big Boss too.
    Even without watching TV, I do not have problems of time pass.

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    I don't watch TV serials. I don't watch 'Big Boss' either in Hindi or in any other language. So, no comment in this regard. But I know that this serial is very popular among the regular viewers.
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    I cannot watch Big Boss, be it in any language, to save my life even. I find the show disgusting. How is fighting like cats and dogs and screaming on top of your voices considered entertainment? I mean isn't all this dished out to the audiences in the name of entertainment.
    I believe life itself is quite stressful with innumerable problems and worries popping up in unexpected ways. For me, wholesome entertainment means some harmless comedy or similar light-hearted stuff rather than getting into other people's lives and poke my nose into their business. I really don't care to spend my time watching other people's lives so closely and waste my time. I rather spend some quality time on my own

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