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    Stop Circulation of fake news and misleading advertisements

    All types of fake news, advertisements and messages circulated in social media and different online platforms must be stopped at the source before it creates chaos in the society. Most of us are becoming so dependent on social media and online platforms, that anything shared there creates a new belief system among ourselves and we start to act on those beliefs.

    It's our collective responsibility, not to circulate anything and everything we receive through social media platforms before verifying the credentials.

    Recently I started a petition to Ministry of Information & Broadcasting through to enact stringent laws against advertising platforms (like for posting ads of fake jobs.

    The laws are not much stronger in case of such advertisements. Recently, I took up the issue of fake job advertisements posted in with The Advertising Standards Council of India but they replied by saying that "ASCI's mandate is to regulate only the content of advertising" and my objection to the advertisements appear to be a case of fraud.

    I believe all the advertising platforms must verify the credentials of the advertiser before posting any ads. The advertising platform is the main source to promote any kind of business and they cannot promote fakes just because they are getting money out of it.

    I agree that we have to be aware all the times but that doesn't mean the advertising platforms will always try to evade their responsibility by passing the buck to the consumers.

    Share your views to create a strong message for the advertisers/advertising platforms.
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    Sankalan-babu! Welcome to ISC. The issue of fake news, circulation of fake news, etc. have been discussed extensively in this platform during last three months. However, thanks for reminding.
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    Circulation of fake news and advertisement of fake jobs are burning issues which will turn into a social menace if stricter laws are not enacted. In a democratic system we only have the option to exchange opinion and share our views, neither we can take laws in our own hands nor we can frame laws.

    In this situation the burning issues may be circulated at times as a reminder- in general any kind of hot topics are discussed throughout the media for a short period of time after that things become as usual , in social forums at least we all have the option to revive that "burning issue once upon a time".


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    Sankalam Bhattacharya, warm welcome to this site and brought a good topic for discussion and deliberation. Though this is a old topic, still it holds good to discuss again and again as spreading fake news, drawing attention of the people for no relevant information and above all your crusade against the fake job information is also very appreciative. Normally some online portals are giving jobs information even for those which are expired and no more in the vacancy list of the company and those who approached the said companies had the bitter experience. Yes I do agree that for a fresher or the unemployed, taking for ride with fake job information jeopardize the hope and the person gets shattered. Government must take strict action against those who circulate fake news, fake information and also fake job posting.
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    These days it is a real problem. We are not able to decide which news is correct and which is not correct. Recently there was a news about the death of Ex-Prime Minister Mr Atal. But later on, it was known that the news is a fake one. Like this many news are being circulated in the society. Especially this social media is responsible for this. The rules and regulations which regulate the news around should be followed strictly and there is should be a monitoring agency for this. Once the news is found fake, the originator should be taken to task. Once this system is in place the fake news generation and circulations will come down and we can depend on the news. Otherwise, a common man is not able to understand whether to believe or not to believe such news. But there are some newspapers who will never encourage fake news and once the news is published the news we can take it as correct only. Over a period of time Telugu daily Eenadu has attained such stage as a most reliable source of correct news.
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    In practice we all are attracted towards the viral news of whatsoever kind. In most of the YouTube, the uploader of the videos specifically point out the front page as Viral news. This is a stunt to attract more viewers & so to earn more revenues out of it. Observe the Burari deaths incidences wherein we are witnessing new disclosures each day from different angles & from the different news channels. I appreciate the author to come up with this initiative saying that he already having with the petition, "Recently I started a petition to Ministry of Information & Broadcasting through to enact stringent laws against advertising platforms (like for posting ads of fake jobs"

    In addition, the Facebook & the WhatsApp were also communicated to have stringent actions to control the misleading information to its users. This was in connection with the mob lynching & others who went on with the chaos throughout as those resulted into killings as well.

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