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    Is it due to excessive heat & humidity or the World Cup semifinal match?

    Just now I was checking my score-board. Today I have scored only 23 points (excluding the current thread and an information update which is not yet reviewed). Today I had a very hectic day due to some personal work and heavy workload in office. I thought that that is the reason for my underperformance(!).

    But no! I have checked that though I have scored only 23 points so far, I am third in the list of today's performers (after Dr. Rao and Mr. Mohan). So, not only me but also most of the Members have underperformed today till now.

    But what is the reason behind this mass underperformance? Is the excessive heat and humidity affecting the performance of the Members? Or, are they eagerly waiting for the semifinal match between France and Belgium scheduled to start at 11.30 p.m. IST?
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    Nothing like that, today I had some personal works to attend in the evenings and was busy with that and later completed my task with ISC. Moreover we should have new threads and new topic to discuss. I am finding old threads are trending in the first page which is already responded and replied by me. And If I raise a thread, the response to it is delayed and sometimes nothing. So fatigue and go slow attitude is also taking the toll for slow performance. By the way there is no rush for me to perform and portray as I already achieved the maximum success and going average.
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    These days I am also observing some decreased activity on this site. Probably many of the members are busy with their personal or official works. The humidity or the football match are not the reasons I suppose. As expressed my Mohan the responses are also less. Sometimes I feel I am the only person without any work. Even for the last two days, there are no questions even in Ask Experts section also. Maybe there are no questions or the concerned Editor is busy with some other important assignment. If it continues the activity may further come down in the coming days.
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    I have some personal daily target in terms of points (which I keep with me only). When I can't fulfill this target, I shift to 'Article response' sub-section. I think now I have to move to that sub-section for fulfilling my daily target.
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    Surprised to know that the author has a daily target to contribute in terms of points. This shows how dedicated he is towards ISC. I am not a good particiapant. However, I will also do my best to contribute mor and spend time for ISC.

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    I feel almost all regular Members have some daily/weekly personal target. I always admit it.
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    As a new entrant to ISC, I haven't set a target yet but one thing is very clear. Hot & Humid weather always dampen our spirit to work. It's difficult to concentrate on things if the weather is too hot especially if we are not used to it.

    Anyhow, if there is any personal target then everybody should try to get close to it irrespective of the climatic conditions.


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    The thread author mentions about "some personal daily target in terms of points" which he keeps to himself.
    In my case I do not keep any target nor am I worried about those. I had made this clear in my response 621568 in this thread.
    I would invite the author's attention to his own response in the same thread too. I think he has bettered his targets from that and need not feel unhappy.

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