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    Rag picker says unable to find any bottles after the BJP meeting in Chennai !

    Normally for a public meeting the people are induced to visit with offer of liquor, Biryani and money and they would cheer with the crowd having enjoyed the food and drink and then disperse. But for a difference , the meeting held in Chennai where in BJP President Amit Shah addressed, not single person was transported to the venue and they came on their own. A rag picker in fact told that normally after every meeting they would get at least 10,000 bottles and make money over it. What do you say about this meeting .?
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    The public should support such meetings on their own but not be forced to attend the meeting by offering money etc,. May be few politicians just want to show the crowd and say that the meeting was successful but they should understand that the public should volunterily support them.

    Being in a democratic country, there should be awareness among the public too that they should attend such meetings and understand what the meeting is about and feel responsible to know what is happening.

    This is a good sign that the public was not offered any liqor, money etc,. The public should understand that there is a purpose on attending such meetings and not expect something.

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    It is very good to note that people attended the meeting on their own without expecting any transport, meals, liquor or any type of benefit. In our country, it is very rare to have such meetings. Whenever an important person is visiting and a meeting is organised we have to arrange DCMs to transport them to the meeting site. Then a bottle of beer and a packet of Biryani for their food and drink. Finally Rs.300/- towards their wages. The arrangements are to be made by the local leaders and the local leaders will burden the local industries for the requirement of money for these needs. Many times I have the experience of facing these local leaders who demand money from the industry for their meetings.
    It is very noteworthy that people attended the meeting on their own. It shows the sincerity of the people who are supporting this party without any expectations. We should expect many such meetings in many other places.

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    Bottles supposed to come only people attend the meeting. These kinds of thread remembers me that election is around the corner.

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    I welcome this change. It has become an informal rule to transport people from distant places to the meeting venue just to show the strength of that particular political party to the opposition, to their own people as well as to the media. In a democratic system people's choice and mandate have to be final in all aspects of choosing the political dispensation.

    The more the people of this country become aware of their rights, the more are the chances of progress. A large section of the society, mainly the downtrodden ones , are always submissive to the leaders of different political parties because of their unawareness. Either their daily income level is too low or they are too ignorant about their own rights. They think if they abide by the dictum of the political parties, they will help them in return if voted to power.

    After decades of false promises of different political outfits, this attendance out of their own bears the reflection of changes in the mindset of the people of that locality. People of that particular area now understood that attending a meeting on enticement is of no use, they will receive free food or liquor bottles only on that particular day of the meeting which will never bring any change permanently. I think the political party, in this case the BJP, must have gauged the public sentiment and never arranged any transport to ferry the people. Only the interested ones, attended the meeting.

    As a responsible citizen of this country, it is our duty to educate this section of the people about their rights and also the games the political parties play with them because of their vulnerability.


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    If this news is true, then I must say that supporters of at least one political party have started behaving in a matured manner. I hope all supporters of all political parties would emulate this example. Only then Indian citizens and Indian politics would be more mature. This would ultimately strengthen democracy.
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    Yes this is true and even shown in the television news and it sharing can be relied upon.
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    I am sure that the ragpicker must have been saying about the plastic water bottles and not about the liquor bottles. Let us leave aside the means and ways resorted to by the political parties to ensure attendance of a decent number of people in their rallies or functions depending on the importance of the chief guest as it is a different issue. But, I think it is too amusing to even consider liquor being distributed in such venues and people consuming them there itself and discarding the empty bottles in the venue.

    Taking it that the point is about discarded water bottles, almost all the political parties have almost made it a rule that they ensure that the venue utilized for their meetings or rallies are cleared of all the plastic and other wastes as soon the function is over. This is happening in Kerala too though meetings chaired by some local leaders may be an exception.

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    BJP is not that rich to entice people to attend the rally with liquor bottles. It may be the culture of some other parties.
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    We have noted many ugly events with the passage of time in politics. There was a time during prior to 1960, when the politician of the different parties had some principal and had the passion to uplift the standard of the common people. They were involved in the welfare of the people without having much expectation from them and they got tremendous respect from the people for their quality of services rendered to the people but as the time progressed, we could see enough deterioration in the behaviours of the politicians.
    They can now employ different tactics including the cash - offerings, distribution of wines in cases they turn up the meeting organised by a leader. With such incentives, they could be able to manage the crowd comfortably.
    We have even seen the people taking aggressive parts in the meetings simply to enjoy the cash and wine and later ditched the party by casting votes to the different parties of their liking.

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