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    Politics in Colleges. Should we encourage or ban it?

    Looking back at my school days, I was a bench leader and one of the 'assistant class monitors'. Likewise, many of us would have been a student leader, a treasurer or a president of the students association in high school or college.

    It's a great feel to be part of something big to help fellow students and be the go between students and management. This brings in among many things a sense of responsibility and leadership.

    But off late, we hear so many depressing situations or events in the college campus, wherein education takes a back-seat and politics, personal gains comes to the fore-front.

    This at times becomes a huge burden in terms of loss of valuable education time, if you look at the money spent on teachers, infrastructure and the tuition fees, then it would be a sizeable amount. Added on to this is the destruction to property, treatment of injured people and the time law enforcement personnel spend in centres of learning trying to contain violence.

    In the best interest of student welfare and education should we encourage or ban politics in college campus?
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    Political involvements during the student ages are useful for the growth & developments of the young generation. It's an optimum time to acknowledge the activities in context to the public administration at various levels. But I do agree that this involvement must be within a certain limitations. We are already evident of the cases of JNU wherein the slogans were raised against our nation & to a great extent these incidences have created the bad image to the world forum at large. This also included with the different types of the mentalities who goes on practicing with the cheap politics in order to make their entries into the Indian politics. The Kanhaiya Kumar, is one of the personalities who surfaced during such movements wherein the court's judgment in this context follows as below,

    "The bench of Justice Pratibha Rani, in its order, held that "the thoughts reflected in the slogans raised by some of the students of JNU who organised and participated in that programme cannot be claimed to be protected as fundamental right to freedom of speech and expression", and that the court would "consider this as a kind of infection which needs to be controlled/cured before it becomes an epidemic".

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    In any educational institution it is a good thing to have group activities, outdoor excursions, educational tours, debate and other competitive activities but the politics of religion or politics of power or politics of college administration or politics of projecting oneself for future political leader of this country - all these phenomenon in a college or institution are a bad thing for any country and will only create the future citizens full of hate and despise with each other. College is a place for academic fights not political ones.

    If a person is making an educational institution as the spring board for future political career based on religion and casteism, it should be nipped in the bud and no students should be allowed to join such unpatriotic or unfaithful activities.

    We are always arguing to clean the vices in our political system in the country. At the same time we are allowing same dirty game in the temples of learning.

    It is too late now and very difficult to rectify the present situation but one thing is very clear when a person can be successful in politics even without going to school or college then why we should bother that some students should be good in politics so that the future of this country is not deprived of the availability of politicians.

    The purpose of schools and colleges is not to produce the politicians but good citizens.

    Knowledge is power.

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    As long as there are no interferences from the outside politicians and political parties, it is good to have some politics in colleges is good. It will help the students to improve their general awareness of the present positions in the society and to know the qualities of a good leader. The students will understand the importance of politics in the society and they may also understand how this politics is useful in the building up of the society with ethics and principles.
    But too much indulgence in this line will spoil their education. They should where to start and where to stop.
    Mainly the politics in the colleges will give the students the training required for being a leader and to understand the needs of the society.
    But these days what I observe is the real politicians are entering into the educational institutes also and creating a problem

    always confident

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    The political parties know the power of the students and their union. And that is why during students union elections, the parties select their own candidates and even give money to win the election. And thus politics routes are sown in the campus and that prolongs further if the candidate is noteworthy and ably supported by the fellow students. Many politicians are once the student union leaders and were the chairman of the Unions . So if any student has the interest in politics, campus is the right place to have wider exposure in politics but education would take back seat.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Such activities in school and college build leadership qualities and increase confidence in the students. Students will also be good citizens with social responsibilities.

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    I have been told by an elderly person at a park that children are in pleasant mood always as they do not worry about future and hoping that they are supported by parents/guardian. Similarly students of schools and colleges should be free from any type of politics. Political parties normally drag them only for 'their' benefits but no been t benefit to students on any account. By keeping this in mind no student should involve himself in any type of politics but should concentrate themselves only to study.

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    As a young one, it always feels wonderful to engage in group activities and lead from the front. This helps to grow the sense of responsibility and shares other's concerns. Many politicians were student leaders during their college days and they joined active politics from student life. But do you find any sense of responsibility among the present day politicians?

    The answer is probably "NO". Any kind of group activities and formation of union among the students can be done without the banner of political parties too. In India, nowadays politicians are busy serving their own goals and ready to grab power to maintain their supremacy. In college/school union they indulge in all academic activities and hamper the atmosphere of studies.

    Most of the students join students' union, under different political banner, just to pass the exams without studying and put forward unreasonable demands to suit their needs. There are so many law violations and muscle flexing taking place in a number of colleges in India and I fail to understand why the government is not bringing in a legislation to stop all these. May be if they stop politics in college level they will be the loser in the long run.


    "Life is easier when you enjoy what you do"

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    I have mixed views on it. Who brought the state of Telangana into being? Not congress. Not KCR. Not thousands of self sacrificing Telugu people. It was purely and undoubtedly the students of Osmania university who went beyond their strength and ability to accomplish this Herculean task. OU is a granting university so all the colleges under it and even school teachers fought alongside OU. There were many violent strikes. But there were also much more peaceful strikes. Telangana stands as a testament of student power in politics. Students undeniably can exert an impressive force on politics and politicians. But the method must be supervised. Since most students are youngsters in their 18-22 years, they may easily resort to man-handling or arson. A guide of sorts is needed. A guide who could have the responsibility of their actions. We have leaders of student federations here. Those leaders are pretty good at what they do and hence there was not a lot of bloodshed during the bifurcation.

    Students are after all the wings of politics. They are the future citizens. Their interest in politics is a must. But by establishing a federation and a proper leadership their protests and demands can be supervised.

    The stronger a light shines the darker are the shadows around it.

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    Yes I agree with Aditya that students can exert immense pressure from the political leaders and even mend ways, but not the cost of their own studies and future.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    The question of students politics has been raised in different forums at different time. A unified answer has never come out. However, from experience it can be concluded that there are positive and negative results coming out.
    In our country from the days of independence struggle the then students were active in the political field. They came out from the colleges and joined independence struggle. It was not for a political party, but for a political aim. Many of them later became national leaders as well as ministers, etc.
    Present day political parties are making use of students for their gains. Many students are not actually knowing what for they are working. This is capitalised by certain religious outfits who appear in the campuses as student organizations. This creates issues in the campuses leading to even killing each other.
    Under such a setup the authorities must be careful about politicizing campuses.
    Students must have the right to react politically, especially those in colleges, since many of them have the voting right. Of course, at the school level political activities should be controlled, which is presently accepted in most places.


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