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    Do you have hop on hop off type of tourist buses in Hyderabad?

    In Chennai, there are these 'hop on, hop off" tourist buses that were introduced some years ago. They are still there and are quite famous. They run on specific tourist routes and by paying the fare, one can easily cover the entire city.

    Hyderabad, am told, is going great guns in promoting tourism. Do you have these "hop on, hop off" buses in Hyderabad as well? In fact, there are so many places to see in Hyderabad, and these buses could give a big boost to domestic tourism. Members who know about this, please do inform us.
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    AB Sivakumar,

    A little suggestion - when you post such topics, why not keep it generalized? If you are mentioning this bus facility in Chennai, then why not ask about the facility available in other cities generally and not just Hyderabad? I would advise you not single out any one specific city alone. We are India.

    Also, it would be useful to mention the fare, if any, what are the unique features, such as prominent places where it halts and where one can visit some landmark place at that halt. That way, other members will be drawn into the discussion and give info about their own city's similar bus facilities. It will create a far more in-depth discussion rather than members just saying "Yes" or "No" about such a facility.

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    Yes the hop on and hop off bus services which were of mini buses having glass view even at the foot level were pressed in to service for the tourist purpose in Hyderabad by the Telangana Tourism department. Those who have the ticket can get down at any stop of their choice and board at any point of their choice and thus there is no control as to the time unlike in guided tour where the tourists are taken out to places with fixed time and they have to return immediately. Suppose a tourist likes the Salarjung Museum, they can appreciated the place for hours together where as in guided tour one is allowed for two hours.
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    In APSRTC city buses in Visakhapatnam, there is a system you can purchase a general pass for one day. On that, you can get into any city bus and get down anywhere for that day. Especially many people will go for this ticket on a holiday or a Sunday. It will be advantageous to the passengers who wanted to go to different places and attend different buses. There is no limit for that day. I don't know whether the author is talking about that types of buses. There are some buses for conducted tours. These buses will start at a particular place in the morning and go in a direction and cover 4 or 5 spots as planned and return back by evening to the place where they have started. I have seen many route buses of this type. There are no special model buses for this. They use normal buses only. Mainly these buses will cover pilgrim places in a district or in nearby places.
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    Vandana yes I will do it next time. It is over 30 months since I got into one such bus in Chennai. So, I did not mention the details. And am sorry I restricted the discussion to just Hyderabad.

    Your suggestion is well taken. Shall do it next time, if I raise a thread of this sort, where details will be in order and enhance quality of discussion.

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