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    What can be done about these student rowdies?

    The Chennai police have proactively found knifes with so many students in a particular college, well known for anti-social elements. This college, situated right on the prestigious Poonamalaee High Road, is the nerve centre of superb flats and apartments and gated communities. Yet, this menace of student violence looms large in Chennai. On previous occasions, such students have gone on a rampage, attacking fellow students of another college.

    Primarily motivated by some cheap movies where the use of the knives and what we call as "aruval" (the big axe) is branded as heroism, these misguided youth have taken to violence.

    How do we stem this horrible violence?
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    All of them must be arrested and be sent to counseling by the police as to how to behave in the society. Along with the rowdies, even there parents should also be called to PS and given the coating.
    K Mohan
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    First of all, if I was given a chance I will take action on the people who made such movies which will influence the students on the negative side. I will not allow such movies to get released. The students who are carrying this type of weapons with them should be severely punished and should be made in such a way that they will feel ashamed to move on the roads. By seeing them the other students should get afraid to do such things. Otherwise simply giving them some punishment may not be going to make any changes in the mentality of these people.
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    It is the responsibility of the college administration as well as the police and the parents to take the necessary steps to stop this practice among students. I do feel that the author may be referring to those few who resort to this kind of activities because it is quite impossible to imagine that the all the students of that particular college will fall into the bracket.

    Dr Rao, if these guys were actually influenced by some movies, why blame the movies because the majority do not fall into the category. The students referred to by the author carry such basic tendencies as part of their character and need to be checked and corrected by the teachers, parents and the police in a concerted effort and should be counseled.

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    Students are of tender age and can be misguided easily by the anti social elements. Any clever person can instigate them to do anything. They are provoked so easily.

    When I was in my graduation, our candidate won for the secretaryship of the students union. He told us to gather and have a victory March in the city and then terminate in one restaurant for snacks and tea.

    We simply followed our leader blindly and after a fun and frolic evening reached back our houses late where the parents were worried about our whereabouts.

    In our excitement we totally forgot that we had a house also and we had to return there in time.

    So, the problem is the present environment in which students are studying today. The politically ambitious people only join the colleges to become president or secretary of the union which is the first step to layer join national politics.

    Until unless these activities are curtailed or contained, the students will be showing their aggressiveness in public openly without any apparent benefit to them.

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