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    Folk songs - they really fire the imagination in you!

    The folk songs are generally generated from the village backdrop and the reflect the mind of the rural population. The Naxalism or now popularly known as Maoism has grown slowly in the hilly terrains by infusing the people to be aware of their rights. They used the stage dramas and the folk songs to inspire the people and make them understand how they are being exploited by the rich in their areas. Thus the origination of the Folk songs took place and for that matter, the folk songs too had their role in fighting for the cause of the Indian National movement quite earlier to 1947.

    The recent Telangana movement is the fittest example for a word of the praise for the 'Folk songs' and the cart pullers of the platform. With their stage play and melodious Folk songs highlighting the importance of their land and its achievers and also how the Telangana land is getting backwards, the leaders of the agitation could influence the people to fight for a separate state. A song has replaced the words/speech by the leaders and it really worked to fire the imagination in the people.

    Thus Folk songs do inspire us, bring out our traditions and culture and reflect the problems faced by the people etc. In my view, the folk singer and the writers need an applause. What is your take on this?
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    Yes I admire the folk songs, which virtually explains the pain and agony of the rural folks. In one of the song sung by ballader Gaddar, during the on going Telangana agitation, portrayed the real pain gone through the rural people who were suppressed and subverted by the powerful land lords. Even in the Bathukamma , the floral festival of Telangana , the songs reflect the rural effect and culture. Likewise in every state during any festivities , the rural songs are played and especially during Sankranthi the rural favor is respected and followed with great determination and enjoyment.
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    I am fascinated by folk songs. I don't have much knowledge about folk songs of other languages, but Bengali folk songs are unimaginably rich in content, language and music. There are many categories in Bengali folk songs, some of which are Bhadu, Tusu, Bhatiali, Bhawaia, Jhumur and Baul. These songs are extremely complex but at the same time deceptively simple. The music is extrmely rich, different and fascinatingly simple. It depicts human happiness and sorrow and men's relationship with the Almighty.
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    Folk songs are very good to penetrate the issues into the general public in the rural areas. Especially the songs which are written with the usage of local words and phrases will have a very good effect on the village folks. Many issues which were not known to the common public were known to them through these folk songs during the agitation period in Telangana for separate Telangana. Asv observed by the author during separate state agitation many of the people used this concept and the songs are replaced with words. KCR utilised this and his talks attracted many people.
    The songs, written and sung by Vandemataram Sreenivas in many movies, have become popular which are almost similar to these folk songs.

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