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    Forgiveness is also a punishment.

    Students should learn from punishments but not be discouraged or afraid of teachers for punishing them. In most of the schools we see that punishment is always interms of physical harrasment where the students are beaten up or made to stand for long ours where are such punishments will only make the students to be afraid of school and teachers.

    This way, it does not help them to learn. My teacher always used to forgive us for any mistakes we do. He used to say this with a smile "I forgive you for the mistake so that I know.you will feel bad to repeat the mistake again".

    Hearing this we used to feel guity for what we did. Even when he puniahes us to stand outside the class room, he too used to come and stand with us and speak to us politely and make us understand our responsibility.

    We were never afraid of our teacher and we aleays had the freedom talk what we think and thus we leant a lot with involvement. When all the teachers treat the children in this way, the students will be beought up in a right way. Share your opinions about this.
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    Very rightly said. In fact those who forgive us for our mistakes, it is the tight slap on our face and they indirectly indicted us with great punishment to which we are not aware. If punishment is given it is known to all, but when you are forgiven it is known to you and the opposite person only and that gives sleepless nights and the agony cannot be explained. Very big people always forgive others and the person thus forgiven repent very much for the mistake done. Gandhiji forgiven Godse for shooting him point blank, but I am sure , Godse would have gone through the greatest pain of his life.
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    Forgiveness is a really good trait. Many people can't practice it. Only the people who have the guts to understand the mistakes of others gracefully can only exhibit this quality. By showing that, they will make the culprit to feel shy and repent. Bu showing this generosity on the others they are giving a chance to the culprit to understand the issue and change their way of living. One way what the author told may be correct. Instead of punishing physically and legally they are punishing them psychologically. This will give a chance to them to change their way of life.
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