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    Same warning from another Congress leader: No change in policy

    Before the 2014 election, we heard this statement quite often. "If BJP under Modi wins the election, the country will become a Hindu Pakistan." Election was held, result was declared and BJP won. After the election, a Congress Committee under A.K. Anthony admitted that the statement harmed the party because this statement caused a section of voters to vote for BJP.

    Now four years have passed. Another Lok Sabha election is knocking at our door. A senior Congress leader from Anthony's own state, Kerala, has issued the same statement. He said that if BJP wins the election in 2019, India will become a Hindu Pakistan. The great leader has further stated that BJP would tear apart the present Constituion and a new Constitution will be written.

    It appears that Congress has forgotten the lesson of 2014 including the findings of AK Anthony. They have started their game of fear-mongering. However, on the brighter side, we can state that even after four years of BJP rule under Modi, India has not yet become a Hindu Pakistan and during these four years, the Constitution hasn't been torn. So Congress is waiting for 2019.

    What do the other Members say?
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    Maybe it's a sign of some kind of nervous disorder. Though it's too early to predict the result of 2019 General Election, but different studies show that the Congress is now on a sticky wicket. Since the Bharatiya Janata Party is regarded as a communal one by most of the political parties in India, they themselves are flaring up communal tensions to tackle the BJP. All the political parties play the communal card in time of elections and the BJP is no exception to it.

    Politics is a game of power and we, the people of this country are pawns to the hands of politicians. We vote them with a hope for a better future and they draft new policies to their own suitabilities. The basic tenet of the Indian Constitution is to treat everybody equally irrespective of caste, creed or religion. This is not followed by any of the political parties and they always try to divide people for political gains.

    As for Congress, they ruled most of the time since independence and they cannot evade their responsibility of making the whole system a mess. The issue of communal tensions between Hindu and Muslims started since inception and they indulged in it to keep it going stronger.

    Article 370 is a contentious one, which the BJP promised to look into and it still remains a contentious one. Even after 70 years of independence minorities remained minorities. The economy is in a mess and entry of some big players in the market economy is shrinking the chances of small players. New industries are not coming up, so the job market is painting a grim picture for the newly pass outs.

    The regional parties are bickering among themselves and trying to enter into the fray along with the Congress. There may be some new equations in 2019 and everybody is waiting for the outcome.


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    Yes Congress party is sinking and the members who are power mongers have understood that they cannot win or grab power anymore and hence started mudslinging campaigning which hurts the sentiments of Hindus very largely. In fact Congress is dividing the nation with the religion and they are communal now. And why Rahul Gandhi is maintaining silence on this outrageous statement by his close confident. People are watching and want Congress to be a alternative party to the BJP , but the way some Congress man are behaving, the party has become facilitator for the BJP to win next election also.
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    Doing the same mistake, again and again, is never acceptable not only in politics but in every field. The party need not displease a section of the society to please another section. From the words of the Congress leader, we can understand that BJP has not initiated any action so far to see that India will become a Hindu Pakistan. Indirectly he is giving good marks to the Governance of BJP party. This point can be highlighted by the government in their meeting and campaign.
    I don't know why these political people always target Hindu people and see that they get some advantage. I feel that this is the high time all Hindus should get united and should establish our rights in this country. How many years a minority will be given so many privileges in the country.

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    Today Congress has reiterated the statement of Sashi Tharoor. This type of statement will ultimately help BJP because this would help consolidating Hindu vote bank.
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