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    Education campaign started by Whatsapp to spot fake news and rumors is an uphill task

    The recent spate of mob lynching across different parts of the country is attributed to the widespread circulation of fake news through different social networking platforms. Our government asked Whatsapp to take immediate steps to stop the circulation of fake and irresponsible messages on their platform and from 10 July onwards Whatsapp rolled out a feature that will indicate whether a message you received is a forwarded one or the sender is the creator of that message. However, for this new feature you need to have the latest version of Whatsapp installed on your mobile phone. In a statement, a spokesperson of Whatsapp said they are starting an education campaign in India to spot fake news and rumors and placed newspaper advertisements in this regard.

    Educating Indians to spot rumors is an uphill task and most of the circulation is done out of compulsion. Many people are there who even do not read the messages and forward it to others just because they received it. The question is how to stop this compulsive behavior.

    Few aspects need consideration to seriously tackle the issue. If you notice a group of people in any kind of assembly, be it a party, social function or even in public transport you will find a good number of them are busy on their mobile phones. Mobile phones are necessary nowadays for their functionalities but does it mean you have to use it all the time? Isn't it a compulsiveness to use the device all the time since you have it? The psychological aspect has to be looked into for changing this attitude.

    Another one is the daily data usage limits. Think of the monthly data limits we used to get before arrival of Jio. In most of the cases it was 1 GB, 1.5 GB or 3 GB per month. But now – it's 1.5 GB per day. Just imagine the amount; it's so huge for a mobile user, that if you properly use the data services you cannot consume the whole amount in a day. There is a tendency among lot of people to consume everything they are getting within the stipulated time. Can the excess data limit per day be a cause of widespread circulation of fake messages and rumors?
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    Very nice observation from the author. With more available cell phone date at their disposal, people who are free and their empty mind makes much thoughts, they stoop to the level of creating commotion and emergency among the public by spreading rumors and fake news. And we the people are also habituated to believe what ever appears in the whatsapp and immediately share with others. So within minutes, the fakes spreads like fire and much damage has been done for the innocents. Police must enhance their vigil on road side romeos who has phones and has the capacity to spread fake news and they must be arrested.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    It is very much required that fake posts are somehow to be stopped and should be deleted from circulation. They are doing a lot of harm and gullible people are not understanding it and taking same proud in forwarding them as for the genuine messages.

    The students and young people are affected more as they will not cross-check anything and blindly forward them.

    It is really good if some measures are there on the anvil to stop these menacing and wretched fake messages.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    WhatsApp has become very very popular in India and some people are misusing it by posting fake and irrevalent material.

    It is really high time that whatsapp management should take a note of this and bring features to nip in the bud these fake and crafted messages and videos.

    It is the duty of all the civilized citizens to stop any doubtful message and never forward it in excitement and becoming numero one in sending it to friends and relatives.

    We should share knowledgeable information and good posts rather than the garbage. We are not rumour mongers we are sharing and exchanging useful information.

    Knowledge is power.

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    If WhatsApp really starts the proposed Education campaign, I feel it will be a very good initiative and people will understand the problems and facts about the aspect of spreading fake news and false information. No doubt, it is a very difficult task but someone has to bell the cat. If it starts from WhatsApp and then seconded by other social media promoters, the young people and many students will be visualizing the problems and they may stop simply forwarding the messages and videos even without seeing the content.
    Already I am observing there is a thinking about the aspect in elderly people and they stopped forwarding such messages and they never believe the information until otherwise, it has come in the news on TV or in newspapers. The other people also should come out of this habit and should not try to unnecessarily promote such news.

    always confident

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