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    Is it necessary for every man to be responsible for the family?

    Do you think the man who is the head of the family should be more responsible & take up the entire responsibility of the family? Share your thoughts on this view.

    Man is the head of a family and the responsibility of all family members lies in his hands. Man should be the most responsible person to take care of his parents, wife and children. He should be responsible enough to earn money, pride and the status of his family.

    Though women are earning, we know that in a country like India, men always have the upper hand and the women respect men.

    I would like to talk about men who are being irresponsible in the society. I have seen many instances where if a family is suffering, the reason behind will be an irresponsible man. These irresponsible men do not have any concern to earn and do not bother about the needs of their family members. They always have reasons to not taking any responsibility. They are not ready to work hard. The situation of their families become worse where the children do not get a proper education, cannot fulfil their wishes and the women trying to earn by all means possible to feed the children and take care of them.

    I have seen families where men roam around without any job and they do not have any concern towards their children, wife or parents. Whereas the women are working as labourers for daily wages and running the family and feeding the children.

    In my opinion, children should be taught to be responsible so that they become good family men and have status in the society. Please share your thoughts.
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    I do agree with the author that just because of one man in a family , the whole atmosphere gets vitiated and the peaceful living is spoiled. He may be a drinker, he may be spend thrift, he may be a womanizer , or he may be a street fellow of no use. But the mother or the wife would provide them with food and shelter and also help them with pocket money. Because of that one bad fellow in group, entire family gets bad name and wont be invited for any functions or programs. It is the mother who is responsible for such irresponsible fellow lives almost in every family of the society.
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    I have also seen some such family heads behaving in such an irresponsible way. My Servant Maid is from a Low-income group family. Her husband never worked properly. One day he goes to the job means the next three days he will be absconded. He was a habituated drinker. He used to shout and slap his wife and take away the money for his alcohol. They have 4 daughters. Many days I used to find him in the middle of the road without any senses on his body. Beedis were being consumed like anything. That lady's life was a nightmare. Three years back he died. From then onwards, that family is very happy and the daughters also are progressing well. The lady is also very happy now.
    It is true that we should educate our children in a proper way so that they will become good human beings and the classes and schools should also do their part in shaping future citizens of the country.

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