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  • Category: Miscellaneous

    Request to please introduce "Check Traffic" for the forum threads also ?

    I have seen the option of check the traffic button introduced in the ask experts section and that button appears below the edit button. Through this option one can know how the post has been trending in internet and the traffic details as such are also viewed. Such options should be included and started in the forum section too as some members have the niche to create good forms and they get good responses which may be tracked with check traffic button. Will the Web Master Tony oblige ?
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    "Check Traffic" button mentioned by you is for the author we raised the question only. I have never seen such a button for the answers I have given in that section. Only Edit button will be seen.
    Today your question was there in the Ask Expert section. Probably you might have seen this button to this question and you have posted this thread,
    It is good that the author can check the traffic for his questions or threads. I hope the webmaster will definitely look into the feasibility of this request and may appraise you about the proposed actions in this regards.

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    Its ok. If only the author can see the check traffic button, that facility can also be extended to forum section.
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    It's a good idea to measure the response of each thread, but if the thread is not much interesting to the readers then the trending automatically will be low which may discourage the author, especially the new ones from posting another thread.

    I am looking forward to the views of other members which may enable the editors to consider the decision.


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    Inadvertently posted.Hence deleted

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    I also strongly support the author on this issue. Just like questions in Ask Expert section, there must be provisions for checking traffic in other important sections and sub-sections of this platform.
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    At present, the Check Traffic feature is not working in the other sections & this was informed to the Webmasters a few days ago. The suggestion to have the feature in the forum as well will be put forth to them.
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