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    Are points awarded for an answer in Ask Expert section according to relevance to the query/length?

    Mohan posted a query - How to copy and export contact numbers in Jio phone to another Android phone?

    Venkiteswaran described a method for a single number whereas Mohan wanted to know about exporting more than one number. Even the method described by Venkiteswaran is too cumbersome. His answer was awarded Rs 10.

    I posted a precise answer, which can be used for transferring any number of contacts in one go. My answer was awarded just Rs 3.

    I want to know whether my answer was not more precise & accurate.

    @Venkiteswaran :- No offence intended towards your answer or you.
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    As a regular contributor in the Ask Expert section, I have noticed it many a time. I have noticed with amusement that whenever I give point-wise relevant answers with serial numbers, such answers get a standard 3 points and Rs. 3/- cash credit. I generally don't raise this issue because it may cause bad blood and unnecessary bad feelings among Members. If I raise this issue again and again, other Members who answer the particular question may feel bad. But in many cases, lengthy answers with less relevance get more points and cash credits.
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    My evaluation is like this:
    Definitely, the relevance only will be taken into account. But simply just answering the question may not fetch the good points and CC. But a little introduction with regard to the subject in question and a little-detailed explanation of the answer we give and some additional information about the topic will be given good points and CC This is my thinking. Any additional considerations are not known to me. Definitely writing lengthy replies may not fetch you higher CC and points.

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    Yet another mistake by the editor concerned!

    Dr Rao posted exactly the same method which I had posted, but in his own words, and the editor concerned awarded Dr Rao also Rs 3. I want to ask the editor concerned that what value edition Dr Rao did by posting the same response?

    If I post the same response as of Vekiteswaran in my own words, then would I also get Rs 10?

    @ Dr Rao, no offence intended towards you or your response in that thread.

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    I quote this AE, my answer is shorter but I have been given 6, when other answers have got 5.
    How to get the date & time automatically

    So, I think, the length is relavent as long as it is meaningful. I often list my answers pointwise and take one question at a time and get points.

    Secondly, there may be more than one editor who is evaluating the AE questions and replies, so, there would be an inherent human factor involved.

    Thirdly, at times, I would be the 3 or 4th to answer the question but my answer would have a different view or approach and get a few extra cc.

    Let's see what the AE editors have to say.

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    What I feel that the length of the answer does not matter but sticking to the question and providing a right answer or at least a nearest answer would get cash credit and that depends on editor's discretion.
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    @ Gypsy. I am not taking anything as an offence. But see my answer. There is one additional sentence. Whenever you want to add a new contact, the phone will ask whether it can be added to your Gmail list and it will get added to that list. This part is not there in your answer which I read only after seeing this post. I have not read either your answer or the other's answer before I make my post. This is my habit.
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    Dr Rao, I had read that point. I think it does not ask you when you add a new contact to your phone' s list. I just added a new number to my phone just to check your point. It did not ask me anything like you said. Just now I checked my Gmail account and that number has been already updated to my contacts in Gmail. So, it automatically gets updated, without asking for your permission to update the contact on your Gmail's contacts.

    I already knew that it was a wrong information or an information which is not applicable to my phone (Samsung) at least, but I did not point it out, as it would not have looked nice.

    Secondly, I don't doubt your point that you did not read my answer before posting your answer, but the editor concerned should have looked whether a similar response was already posted or not. Shouldn't he/she?

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    The experience I shared is based on the four phones I have used so far. anyhow on your phone, it may be happening but the contact is directly getting added to the list contacts. OK. This may be different for different makes and models.
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    Can you share the screenshot of your phone, when it asks your permission to update your contacts on Gmail's contact list? You need not compromise your privacy. Just take a random number, say, 12345 and add a random name to it. Then take a screenshot of your phone when it asks for your permission.
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    NO, but according to the goodwill of member. If you don't pinpoint on admin's work and keep a diplomatic stand, you certainly have to have extra privilege here. And time and again, it has been seen in ISC as this thread has pointed out.

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    I may not be able to do that. When we give a number ask for new contact it is giving two options 2. @ I can select any one of that accordingly it will get saved in that contact list and the phone will have all the contacts from both the mails. It is how it is happening on my phone. I think with this I am putting a stop to my postings in this thread.

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    Waiting for editors' response.
    When you talk, you are only repeating what you already know. But if you listen, you may learn something new!

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    Well, I have gone through all the responses here and the AE responses to the particular question mentioned in this thread.

    Though it is not mandatory on the part of the Editorial team to explain how the points and c.c are awarded, I feel it would be better to clear off the air keeping in mind the experience and association of the member with this site quite for a long time. The said responses were dealt by different editors. The very first response was quite elaborate citing his own experience and was given good c.c. The next two responses were edited by another Editor which have come in the Que of the edits and were given 3 c.c each.

    Generally there is a random review of the edited AE responses by LE or ME and we are enhancing the points and c.c which are felt undervalued. Some of the members might have experienced this with enhanced points and c.c. There is no question of favouring someone and going by the name of the member. We will review your responses again and enhance the points and c.c , if deemed fit.


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    Gypsy. I have a theory. The immediate precise response is the one that gets most points. People posting questions in ask experts need quick reliable solutions. Venkateshwaran's response was both quick and to a degree precise. My theory alone.
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    Jagdish Patro The LE of ISC,

    Your statement - "it is not mandatory on the part of the Editorial team to explain how the points and c.c are awarded. " This has been repeated many times with different words by different editors that it has "lost" its value. It's like every year when Mumbai get flooded, the BMC blame "high tide" for it.

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    I was not asking for an explanation, neither I was looking for more money. (Nobody, except two or three members, is here for money.) I was trying to point out the fault in the system in a subtle way. I was pointing out at the fault of the editor and inconsistency in awarding CCs & points in a roundabout way.

    Venkiteswaran's latest response in the AE question in reference proves my point. He has himself admitted (in his second response) a mistake on his part in his first response. Moreover, Mohan wanted to export the whole contact list from a Jio phone to another phone in one go and Venkiteswaran's first answer never answered that aspect. So, were the 10 CCs for the first answer justified? Now his second response has been allotted 5 CCs. Fine, but have the CCs for his first answer adjusted accordingly? NO.

    Secondly, Dr Rao's answer was a repetition of what I had said there. His extra point about the phone asking where to update the contacts is correct, but incomplete. It happens when one has synced two or more mail accounts with contacts on the phone. In case, one has synced just one mail account, the contacts are automatically updated. So, I feel Dr Rao's information was incomplete.

    Thirdly, this whole episode throws up another interesting question - Are the editors qualified enough to evaluate every AE question on its merit? There maybe some queries related to technology, then some maybe related to medicines, education ..... Does every editor know about each field to judge the answer according to its merit? Recently, a senior editor posted a query about a phone. Can we expect the same senior editor to evaluate the answers related to technology properly? Well, your guess is as good as mine.

    You may say that the editor concerned searchs the net regarding the query/answer and then evaluate the answers. Well, other sites may be having incorrect information too.

    Your words - Though it is not mandatory on the part of the Editorial team to explain how the points and c.c are awarded - were a bit harsh. It is Tony & co's site and they can fill the pages with irrelevant, incomplete and incorrect information or whatever they wish.

    If the team still thinks that the allotted CCs and points are correct, then I do not wish to pursue this query any more.

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    We have checked it with one of our expert members and it is ascertained that - "The contacts will not get automatically saved to Gmail without the user knowledge. User should have given permission to access / save contacts while setting up Gmail in phone and only one email account should have been there. If not, every time, the phone will ask where to save whether phone memory or Gmail account or any other account associated with phone. Answers of other members are correct as per their phone settings only. Venkiteswaran's first answer is not at all correct and he has given second response which is 100% correct. "

    Accordingly the points and c.c would be reviewed and we accept the mistake on our part in evaluating the responses.


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    Yes, your point is taken into account and there was huge error in editing. That does not mean cc is awarded to lengthy answers only or editors don't have knowledge about the particular topic they edit. Sometimes it happens. The AE thread in question is edited accordingly. Please refer to the AE thread to know what changes are made. Sorry for the mistakes!


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    I saw the changes made in the AE query yesterday. I was not satisfied by the changes made yesterday morning. Now, just before posting this response, I revisited the thread , I was in for a shock once again. Somebody made changes to what was there yesterday. Since the thread was locked yesterday morning itself, it is safe to assume that all the changes - first time & the second time - were made by the team. That proves that some senior editor made changes to what a junior editor had changed after locking the thread.

    So, that brings my point of inconsistency to the fore once again.

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    It is becoming more and more curious and astonishing. Although I don't like to compare my answer with others' answers, from now on, I have to do it for each and every question which I answer.
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    I am also getting confused. What is happening? Initially, points and CC were given. Some controversy. Then some changes were made. Ok. Again Changes. I don't understand why these changes. I think not dealt properly with the entire issue.
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    We have acknowledged the mistakes and yes, there were inconsistencies. We have been having team discussions on this and hope to work things out so that it does not happen again. Can we please end this discussion now?
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    [Response removed by Admin. Read forum policies.]
    When you talk, you are only repeating what you already know. But if you listen, you may learn something new!

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    Wherever we work, we should always respect the authority that rests with the Management. It is not correct to question anything. If there were some mistakes and the apologies have been given, it is wise to just close the topic and not argue at all. It is also not correct to demand any apology from anyone. Let us not fight among ourselves. This is a place for more understanding and more knowledge. Let us leverage all our talents to contribute to this opportunity made available through ISC and forget about everything else. For the cash credits and all that. Just focus on your strengths and try to optimize all learning. I think we will be far better off by doing just this.

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    Just some of my views-Ask Experts, As a regular member who contributes to ask AE, I feel it is a difficult task for us to be perfect in answering the questions very precisely, similarly, it would be a challenge for the editors to have an equal grasp all the different categories of AE (science, education, technology, and medicine). Most of the answers come from experience or personal expertise or some research on the net.

    Each member who takes up questions AE and the editor deserve credit that is due to them because to me, participation in this section comes with more responsibility and we do strive for a greater deal of accuracy.

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