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    Funny grammar mistakes that changes the entire meaning of a sentence.

    I came across an example where missing a comma changes the entire context. Please read the following sentense without any punctuation.

    Let's eat grandpa.

    This says that the speaker wants to eat his grandpa. But the conversation is completely different where he is calling his grandpa to eat together. Read the sentense now.

    Let's eat, grandpa.

    Hence it is necessary to make sure we add correct punctuations. Sometimes, it may not make much difference but sometimes it gives a wrong meaning.
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    The punctuation is always important for interpreting the correct meaning of a sentence. The author has rightly pointed out the difference with a wonderful example. Generally while writing English for our everyday use, we do not pay much attention to it and nobody bothers for it except in language examinations. This punctuation is significant in most of the languages and we must use it carefully to stop the "DEAD MAN WALKING".

    Sometime ago I came across something similar. That was:

    I saw a dead man walking along the street.

    That ought to be - I saw a dead man, walking along the street.

    Thank god, it was not a horror movie anyway.


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    This is true. The grammar mistakes in the sentences will give improper meaning and you may not be able to convey the meaning of what you want to convey. A classic good old example is ' Comma killed a Man"
    Hang him not leave him. This is the sentence. By putting a comma mark in different places the meaning will get changed.
    The comma after Hang him will give a meaning that he should be hung. Hang him, not leave him.
    The comma after not will give a completely different meaning and he should be released. Hang him not, leave him.
    Like this, there may be many more examples. This is what the effective communication means.

    always confident

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    Yes the punctuation play important role in English and other languages too. Two poets were sitting at the sea shore and enjoying the people coming over there. One of them spotted to girls approaching them with good looking dress and one poet asked the other as to " Ka athilola" that means , who is beautiful in these two ? The other poet gave a very nice reply. He said that "Kaathi, lola " that means the girl who has ear dongles is looking more pretty and beautiful. Now you can see the same words, but the cama mark makes the difference and the entire meaning changed.
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