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    BJP is with Nitish Kumar or Nitish Kumar is with BJP ?

    Some times while talking to the media, the leaders talk something else which goes viral and that would be trending. While a reporter asked BJP President Amit Shah as to what is the position of Bihar CM Nitish Kumar who seems to be unhappy with the BJP alliance ? For that Amit Shar replied that BJP is with Nitish Kumar. Now I feel that he should have said that Nitish Kumar is with BJP. Because BJP is the big party and present in many states across the country and JDU is having its presence only in Bihar. What is your comment on this ?
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    If it is really said by BJP President Amit Shah, then I think it's a very tactful answer. The position of Nitish Kumar in Indian Politics is unquestionable and every regional party is looking at him to finalize their next course of action.

    Mr. Kumar is an alliance partner of NDA for a long time and left the alliance just when NAMO was selected as the prime ministerial candidate before the 2014 general elections.

    After that he tied up with his one time confidant Lalu Prasad and formed the government in Bihar along with him. After sometime differences brewed up among them and he left the government and formed it again with his old friend NDA.

    Though the BJP have the numbers on his own and in power in most of the states, it may become difficult for them to pass through to the next general elections without the help of some regional allies. It may be because of this apprehension they stopped playing the Big Brother attitude and wanted to stay as a good guy in Nitish Kumar's record book.


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    BJP is losing the friends who are in NDA government. Last time in 2014 BJP got the seats required to form a government. But as they have an alliance with some other parties and NDA is taken as an Identity they have given importance to these parties also. But slowly over a period of time, the friends have become enemies. There is a change in the approach of the opposition parties and they are all trying to get together to single out the BJP. This may make a lot of difference in the voting pattern and change in the percentage of votes also. So BJP should play safe. They can't make everybody unhappy. Even small ants become together can kill a serpent. Probably this may be the reason BJP President commented like that. But why they are going away from all southern regional parties like TRS and TDP is still an unkown issue to me. In almost all southern States the party is losing its grip and how the dual heroes of BJP will attack the problem is still to be seen. But if they go with parties like the YSR Congress, that is nothing but losing their name as the value-based party.
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    Nitish Kumar is very intelligent and playing a waiting game. He is not playing into the hands of the BJP. There are enough indications that he is keeping his doors open in a grand Opposition alliance that will include the Congress, if need be. He will simply say that he is not able to cope with the extreme communal politics being played out by the BJP. He will shrewdly wait for his options and then strike when the going gets tough for the BJP. It is a well known fact that the farming community is fed up with the empty rhetoric of the BJP, that had promised much but delivered so little, at least as far as agriculture is concerned. He is a clean politician and his standing vis-a-vis Modi is very strong; in fact, better than Modi.

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