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    Former Vice President Hameed Ansari backs Sharia courts

    The tussle between the government of India law board and Muslim Personal law board is on over the issue of establishing Sharia courts across the country to try their own community cases. This issue has become contagious and the discussions are going on in various forums. In the meanwhile the former vice President of India Hameed Ansari has come out openly in support of Sharia courts and thus inciting further debate and divide within the country between the two think tanks. What is your view on this.?
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    What more can be expected of him? Please remember the speech of the Prime Minister in his farewell. He predicted this type of activities.
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    This type of backing by a stature of Vice-president (be it former) reminds me of a comment of Mr. T.N. Seshan, former Chief Election Commissioner. In an interview he said vice chancellors are now chancellor of vices. Shall I have to utter the same thing for the former VP?

    If you cannot unite people at least divide them - that is the ethos of all political parties and the present comment is a reflection of it.

    There must be a single law for all the citizens of India irrespective of religion, cast or creed and our Constitution is based on that principle only. The legal luminaries must take cognizance of this and should act accordingly.


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    Why there should be a parallel l system for a religion? What is the justification? I think the demand is not at all acceptable. How will the secular parties react to this demand? A separate court for a religion. Then how many supreme courts in the country?
    The ex-vice president of India supporting this system is ridiculous. He should restrain from such activities. If any party or an individual supports such proposals I think the citizens of all other religions should reject and they should not cast their votes to those parties or individuals. Otherwise, India will become a big sister of Pakistan. Everyone should strictly oppose this.
    I remember the speech given by PM in the farewell of the then Vice President. He made a sarcastic dig on the VP at that time.

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    Sankalan your response was on the dot and I really liked it.
    K Mohan
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    Mohan Sir, an appreciation from a senior member like you is all that a new member looks forward to. Thank you so much, I really feel delighted.

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