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    The government is not going to demolish Taj Mahal in any way

    The recent admonishment by the Supreme Court indicates that the government is not keen on protecting the Taj Mahal. The court has requested the central government, the UP government and many other authorities a number of times to come up with a vision document or action plan to protect the monument, but none has come up with a proper solution. The bench was so frustrated by the apathy shown by all the authorities that they angrily said "You can demolish it if you like".

    The government's concern about matters related to pollution or maintenance of ancient structures remains on paper for a long time and in reality it is rarely implemented without the court's strong message.

    Let's take a look into the Clean Ganga initiative. There was much hullabaloo about cleaning Ganga during the present dispensation's first year in 2014. After a certain period it died down (I think inside the Ganga only). Is it because of the vastness of our country that these issues fail to progress properly or there is not enough political will to take up developmental projects?

    It is well known that construction of roads and installation of proper street lighting remain the big issues in elections to local bodies but maintenance of ancient monuments or reduction of pollution level never finds a place in the election manifestos of political parties. What do the members say?
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    No doubt the clean Ganga project and the maintenance of Taj Mahal is purely in the hands of central government and as per the electoral promise made, PM Modi is duty bound to save the river and structure. But unless and until the state government and the cities abetting Ganges are not cooperating the desired results wont be achieved. And given the pollution condition and Taj being abetting the river, all these years the structure was neglected and that was deteriorating. Thanks to the initiatives started already and the Ganges would be fully protected and Taj would bring the previous glory back.
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    "A stitch in time saves nine", is a well known saying. This concept was not followed in the case of the pollution problems. Certain care has not been taken in the issues relating to the cleaning of rivers and protecting the monuments. When the things deteriorated to a lot extent then the eyes were opened. The people who neglected all these days will only start shouting on the present day rulers.
    Not only the Taj Mahal. many other monuments are getting deteriorated and no proper care is being taken to protect these monuments. This is mainly due to the multiple problems before the government and when many other issues are there, this particular accept is getting low priority.
    The concerned departments which have to deliver the goods are not taking actions deemed fit to protect these monuments. So the things have moved from bad to worst. At least now there is an awareness and some actions are initiated. Let us hope that there will be some progress now.

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    Let me mention some facts which are required to be stated in this context.

    (a) Taj Mahal is under the supervision of ASI. ASI is under-staffed and facing heavy cash-crunch.
    (b) There are some more important monuments which require protection by ASI. For example: Hampi, Bateswar ( a new but very interesting and grand site).
    (c) Irreparable damage has been caused to Taj Mahal after the death of Aurangzeb by local rulers like Churaman. At that time Taj was used to store wheat for soldiers and fodders for animals.
    (d) Again extensive damage was caused to Taj Mahal during the Second World War to protect it from air attack.
    (e) ASI does not have any legal authority to check pollution in the neighbourhood (leather factories, Mathura oil refinery. etc.).

    In view of the above facts, the Government may consider taking financial assistance from Waqf Board (which has huge earnings) to protect/preserve Taj Mahal.

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