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    Important: How to e-verify IT return

    All of us know that the entire process of filing of IT return is completed only when we send the ITR-V form to the Income Tax authorities. Earlier after uploading the return, the assessee had to take a printout of ITR-V, sign it and send it to the Income Tax authorities at Bengaluru. No, the system has changed. The assessee no longer required to send ITR-V by post. The return can be e-verified by the following five methods:-

    1. If the assessee's bank is authorised to use this facility, the assessee can do it from his/her bank. However, it must be remembered that the PAN must be validated via KYC before using this method.

    2. If the assessee's AADHAR is linked with his/her mobile number, e-verification can be done through AADHAR OTP received via SMS. I used this method for verification. I have found this method very convenient.

    3. Assessees can verify the returns through Government e-filing portal ( also. But please remember that in this case, the income must be less than Rs. 5 lakhs and the assessee can't claim any refund.

    4. Verification of returns can be done through the designated banks' ATM also. But some experts advise us not to use this method for security reasons even if the specific bank is authorised.

    5. Verification can also be done from the assessee's demat account. But in that case, the assessee has to provide the details of the depository in the portal and the depository would have to confirm the same.

    So, the process has become more hassle-free. So, you don't need to visit the Post Office. Simply e-verify your return and complete the entire process.
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    Once more the author shared very great information for those who are new to income tax paying mode and want to know more. This thread be pinned and kept in forum main page for a while.
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    I have done the e verification through Aadhaar OTP as my mobile is registered with Aadhaar and IT department also. The physical verification of the IT returns is still in force. These days because of these online facilities IT returns filing has become very easy and we can do it from our house without any problems. But I always consult the IT consultant before doing that to avoid the unknown problems.
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    All the e-verification methods have been shared with every details that will help those who are not much aware of the process. The authors of these type of informative posts should be considered for special accord by the editorial team.

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    A very good piece of information from the author. I have also verified my return through Aadhaar card number and it was quick and hassle free. It is a real life example of good online governance.

    The use of digital technology is going to bring a paradigm shift in the various compliances to be observed by the citizens and we are slowly moving towards a paperless regime which is the dream of many and the manual delays often seen in offices will be minimised though these progressive measures.

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    Thanks for all kind comments. I would be very satisfied if these threads help those people who feel nervous while feeling IT return, but at the same time can't afford to visit tax consultant.
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