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    Science vs psuedo-science. Belief being justified.

    Pseudo means false. False science is no science at all. I thought I took my time today and separated pseudo sciences from sciences. There is a website called Speaking Tree that I absolutely hate because of how it shows heavily fabricated unverified news. It tries too hard to throw some scientific light on Indian traditions. Some of these below justifications were given by Speaking Tree.
    1. Married women wear silver toe-rings because silver being a good conductor transports negative energy to ground. There is an important nerve that goes from the second toe finger to uterus. The toe-ring keeps the blood flow to womb healthy.
    2. Applying tilak of vermillion helps us retain energy.
    3. Ear piercing helps in speech restraint. It helps ear channels be free of disorders.
    4. Indian women wear bangles to revert the electrical energy passing from skin back to their body.

    There are many such ridiculous reasoning posted there and these pseudo sciences have only grown stronger over days with a huge following. Now here are my answers to why these are pseudo sciences.
    1. I needn't even tell you why I found this ridiculous. Conduction needs contact. A permanent contact. And a coil through which electricity passes, conducts magnetic field. This was a clear rubbish Speaking Tree because skin in itself is a terrible conductor. There is absolutely no way to even ground these imaginary "negative forces" in the first place. And then comes the Planar nerve path. Medical experts do believe that stimulating Platnar nerve causes active blood flow in uterus but that is not possible with toe rings. The nerve is branched. Why not put the ring in other toe finger then? I am no medical expert so please help me out if I'm wrong.

    2. can't be retained in you unless you are a capacitor. Kumkum is made of turmeric and slaked lime. So the least I could say about Kunkum is that it is an anti-microbial powder. I see no other scientific benefit.

    3. I have my ears pierced and I suffer from periodic swelling in ears. Ear piercing benefits are not recognized by scientists and it has nothing to do with speech.

    4. This is the cringiest one of them all. Why? Once again, skin is a terrible conductor. We are 70% water and filled with salt. So no wonder a human body allows electricity to pass through it. But when we are talking about skin alone, then no. And we must remember the weak electrical synapses we generate aren't even worth recovering. At any given time the net electric energy escaped is zero. Our nerves work with electricity you could say. But on other hand we lose 100 watts minimum as heat. This heat though will be captured by those metal bangles and will leaves marks on your skin,where bacteria thrives in sweaty goodness and heat. There is not a one in million ways where few bangles can revert back the energy you lost.

    You are free to believe what you want though. I thought why these justifications were foolish and gave my opinions. You are free to counter me and show me how these practices are beneficial scientifically.
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    These days it has become a fashion to link science and beliefs. It is not correct. Many things we do maybe we received from our elders and we follow them and pass it on to the next generation. Earlier days nobody is questioning why we should do it? But these days the questioning is increased. Many people who follow this will try to give some reason or other with their half-knowledge in that field. But, I feel we need not prove that what we do is scientifically proved or correct. As long as we are not creating problem to anybody with the actions we are free to live the way we want. So I need not explain everything scientifically as I don't ask anybody to follow those. But some people bring in illogical issues and try to show that there is a reasoning behind it. I think we need not worry about those things. If you like the concept you follow otherwise don't follow. This is as simple as that. But never attempt to explain something you don't have full knowledge. Every person will have his own limitations and no person us 100% correct.
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    That is what I said in my other thread that young ones are not syncing with the elders thought or advice. What ever our elders taught to us we have passed the same legacy to our children but they wont believe and not follow means, we leave it to their discretion and rights. There are some groups on the prowl which spreads anti information against the custom and tradition which we were following since ages and now one need not have doubts. Moreover when nothing is useful, then why our ladies follow all those mentioned above. They are also educated and well informed by every parent .
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    Science and pseudo science are different. There is no meaning in accepting one as the other. Pseudo science is mainly based on belief. It is carried from generation to generation without questioning. Among different religious and castegroups exist such believes Of course it will be varying. Palmistry, astrology, parrot reading (pakshi sastra), and several others are being practised every where. Those who believe in those consider it as sastra ( science). One cannot question these, believers are to accept the results.
    But in 'science' one is free to question a result or method. He can come out with a different result and can prove his stand showing the mistakes in the other. In science corrections are possible.


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