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    Kudos to Maharastra government for allowing theater viewers to take food products with them

    Many of us wants to enjoy the movies in theaters and of course with eatables in attendance. But some of the eatables are more than the very rate of the tickets and thus many lodged complaint with government to regulate rates of canteen items at the theaters. Thus from 1st Aug onward, the Maharastra government has allowed the viewers to take the eatables with them either prepared at home or outside and thus the stall owners who were either too charging whooping charges for the eatables were put on check. Can we expect other states too follow ?
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    In most of the cases, the stall owners at theaters charge exorbitantly for food items. It's a brisk business for them, since the movie goers are not allowed to take outside food. The administration has timely stepped in keeping in mind the harassment faced by the movie goers and all states must follow suit.

    In stadiums , there are restrictions to carry food packets or water bottles for security reasons but in theaters there is no such imminent threats. The Maharashtra government has taken a decision in the right direction.


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    I did not read the news article, but in case it is true, I am not then too happy with the proposal of the Maharashtra government. It has got more to do with appeasement of the movie going public than being a sensible thing. With all that food being allowed, including home food, the cinema halls and theatres will be now more of a smelly, dirty and noisy place. Already, we used to get disturbed with the sound of the popcorns and the other tit-bits people gladly used to chomp while watching their favourite stars on the big screen. With food now allowed so freely, more people will chomp their way to glory or entertainment. One will now have to bear with the clanking sounds of tiffins being opened, closed and their occasional falling on the floor.

    Allowing food packets and food from outside is a security threat. Terrorists and miscreants will now be emboldened to sneak in explosive material through these packets and tiffins. Cinema halls are prone to terror attacks. It being an enclosed and crowded place, any attack will have the maximum impact. There have been numerous instances all across the world where theatres have been victims to terror attack.

    Instead, the government could have put a cap on the prices of the foodstuff sold inside the theatres. But then, that won't win it as much goodwill as allowing home food inside the halls. I wonder why people should prefer having home food at a theatre. After all, going for a movie gives you the break from all that home food one anyway takes at home 24X7.

    Maybe, I exaggerated things a bit in the first para, but I anyhow feel that the previous arrangement of restricting outside food was better on many counts, primarily security.

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    Government cannot control the theater owners as they may cite cost escalation of maintaining and thus charging high. So what the government done is right.
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    It was not security concern , but the greed and monopolistic commercial might that stopped viewers from taking the foods brought by them. The theatre owners wanted more profit for them. Present day business is like that.
    I welcome the Maharashtra governments decision to allow viewers to take food products with them.
    But I don't know what all tactics the theatre owners /stall owners will do to defeat this good thing happening and continuing.

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    It is a nice thing that people have got freedom to take the eatables with them but they should also teciprocage the freedom given by following cleanliness and etiquettes.

    Freedom does not mean that we are free to do any nasty thing as per our habits.

    There are safety concerns also and we should be careful not to take or accept any food item from the strangers even if he insists us that it is home made.

    We must take precautions at such common places where miscreants will try to create disorder.

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    Only one advantage I notice in this is that the vendors on the premises of the hall can't charge very heavy prices as they like. If they do so many people will try to purchase from outside shops and take them to the hall. The business outside the theatre premises will increase as they will sell at a lower price.
    Coming to the cleanliness in the theatre, already many people eat and through the waste there only near their seats and there is no chance for cleaning the hall between the shows. If they allow outside food there may further enhancement of the problem.
    If there is any way to control the prices at the shops in hall premises, it will be helpful to many people and the business of the shopkeepers will also increase.

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