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    The speeding lorries and the sorry deaths

    In a span of twenty days, in Tamil Nadu, we will deem ourselves lucky if we do not see an news item in a local newspaper reporting over speeding of some lorry on our highways and at least one death from a subsequent accident. Certain measures like making the drivers compulsorily take rest during the vital 3 AM to 6 AM should be thought of. Not only do they go at a terrific speed, the drivers also sleep on the wheel, with disastrous results. Often collision against a stationary lorry or bus is also reported during this time.

    What about other places? How can we discipline these lorry drivers and make them more responsible? How can we get over this real menace?
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    It is true that major road accidents are reported because of lorry or truck. These occur very often during the early hours. These drivers prefer the journey during early morning hours because traffic will be less then. At the same time the less traffic attracts the other vehicles, may be less in number, to take overspeed. Under these conditions accidents occur leading to deaths of passengers.
    At the same time, in cities more accidents are caused by two wheelers. There the heavy traffic block the roads and to overtake the blocking vehicles two wheelers rush through causing accidents. However the persons sitting in the driving seats must be more careful and try to reduce the mishaps.


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    I have had the occasion of driving on the National & State Highways crisscrossing Tamil Nadu. You mention over speeding of lorries, as the cause of accidents. My observation is that lorries plying on these highways usually lumber along – they are generally heavily loaded and can't really over speed.

    Accidents occur because of someone's negligence. It is easy to find fault with truckers, because they drive the bigger vehicle, but do they really drive without resting; I don't think so. Trucks headed to a common destination generally start in a convoy, at the same time, from a given place. Drivers rest, before taking to the wheel. And trucks are seen to be taking the outer lane, allowing fast-moving vehicles to move without obstruction.

    I feel it is motorists who speed – you can see them flying on the well-laid roads. I do too. A small mistake at high speed can cause a major accident. Also, motorists fall asleep behind the wheel. Why blame the lorry drivers alone.

    Highways are most dangerous at points where they cut through villages – the locals think the highway is their backyard – they ride their bikes on the wrong side of the road, close to the median, in the highspeed lane, on the National Highway! They cut across without checking to see if the road is clear. The Highways Department should have built flyovers near villages., instead of allowing roads to pass through villages.

    Stationary lorries can cause accidents, particularly if they don't have the hazard indicators and parking lights turned on and have no reflectors or don't place hazard warning triangles. Spotting these vehicles can be difficult because there are no lampposts on long stretches on the highways and added to that the blinding glare from oncoming traffic makes night driving difficult.

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    It is really sad and disheartening to note that so many deaths occur on highways due to negligence driving of lorry drivers and for which there are many reasons. Lorry owners are under pressure from their clients to reach the parcels or the materials in time and the people who have booked such item wont wait as they want the deliveries urgently and in that melee they exert pressure on the drivers to run fast not even allowing them to take the necessary power nap between 3 am to 6 am which is the time for anyone getting into sleep mode unmindful of his presumption of being in wake up mode. So invariably most accidents happen at these hours and unfortunately innocent villagers and those who are sleeping on the pavements get killed. Lorry owners are the culprits here and they should give lead time to the drivers to complete their journey without pressure or huff.
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    This problem is present everywhere in our country. Many times, the lorry drivers and truck drivers are a source of nuisance as well as inconvenience to the pedestrians and also to other vehicles plying on the roads.

    This problem requires a change in the mind set of these erring drivers. It is not an easy thing to achieve as it is related to the behavioural and cultural issues which are deeply rooted in their subconsciousness and require significant changes.

    Unfortunately, some of these drivers attain sadistic pleasure out of these acts of aggressiveness.

    Strict monitoring and regulatory regime can only help to some extent to achieve good governance in this critical area.

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    Sivakumar, can you compare this with the number of accidents that are being caused by speeding two-wheelers on the busy main roads? I agree with Juana that we cannot escape from our responsibility for road accidents by simply transferring the blame onto truck/ bus drivers simply because they are driving a bigger vehicle. If my guess is correct, you will find many travellers choosing the night for long drives on the highways just because there would be less traffic and they can move on at a high speed. I am not saying that truck drivers are not on the wrong side but the others on the road are also to be blamed.
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    In India, maximum road accidents take place due to the callous attitude of the two-wheelers, small car drivers and due to the road race between/among the public bus drivers. The truck-drivers also drive rashly on the Highways, but other drivers generally don't remain near the trucks. So, trucks are less involved in road-accidents than the two-wheelers, small cars and buses.

    However, in India, almost all drivers of all types of vehicles prefer lawless and ruthless driving.

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