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    Congratulations Hima Das.

    Hima Das has created history on Thursday as she won India's first ever track gold medal at the IAAF World Under-20 Athletics Championships in Finland. To record she is the first Indian track athlete to have won a medal in the history of this competition which she completed in the record time of 51.46 seconds in the 400m race. She responded with the below statement after winning,

    "I am very happy to win the gold in the World Junior Championships. I want to thank all the Indians back home and also those, who were here cheering me. It was very encouraging to have this kind of support,"

    Congratulations Hima Das.
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    Two posts have appeared in the forum with the same content, however, this one is the first one so I am replying it here.

    Seriously, I didn't know it and after seeing the thread I got this news. Thank you so much for that. I did watch the video. Look at her the confidence she shows before and after the run as if she knew she is going to win. It is a classic run from her. Its a very big achievement as India has never got Gold in running.

    I wish her all the best for the future and hope that she should get all the facilities to make it the best in Big games in the international level.

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    Congrats to Hima Das clinching gold in India's first ever track gold medal at the IAAF World Under-20 Athletics Championships in Finland. And gained this great stride without getting media glare. Once again India has shown to the world that given the good condition, even girls can excel in any International sports and that is the reason being so she has been getting lots of wishes from across the globe. And government of India must explore the hidden talent like Hima who are scattered across the country but waiting for the right brake and right recognition push from the government.
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    My congratulations to Hima Das. She made India proud by winning the gold in the World Junior Championship. This shows there is a good talent in the country but they are not getting sufficient chances to show and enhance their skills and talent. The ways and means to explore the talent and make them shine in the international arena is the responsibility of the various authorities and corporations who are given the authority and responsibility for bringing the talented people on to the stage.
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    It is a great achievement and a matter of pride for us. I saw the finishing touch of that 400 m contest where she dashed ahead and made it. The last 5 seconds were the crucial one.

    It seems that she was identified by a coach in Assam who saw her playing football and by her running could get that idea and suggested her to practice and try running in 400 m.

    Anyway, this is a great milestone in her sports career and a honour for every Indian across the globe.

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    She is the daughter of a rice farmer from distant Dhing village of Nagaon district of Assam. She ran your first competitive race only eighteen months ago. It was an inter-district meet within Assam at Shivsagar. From there, this diminutive young girl has given India its first ever track gold at a global event by winning the 400 metre final at the World U-20 Championships held at Tampere, Finland.

    Yesterday in the final, she started slowly and initially trailed, but in the last 80 metres she ran a blazing race, overtook three of her opponents and braced the tape ahead of all other competitors. She clocked 51.46 seconds.

    Congratulations! Hima Das. Please remember your race has only started now. You will have to climb the victory podium many a time in future and make us proud.

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    First of all my heartiest Congratulations to Hima Das. I recently watched incredible performance of Hima das in Youtube. It is really a historical performance for all Indian. She crossed winning line in 51.46 seconds. I wish to Hima for live a long journey in the field of athletic
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    Just now I have watched the video of the race. This inexperienced young girl ran a brilliant tactical race. She was not among the top four upto say 300 meters or more. Suddenly in the last 80 meters, she accelerated and crossed one after other competitors from other countries. Certainly she has a cool mind.

    Congratulations to her once again!

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    Congratulations Hima Das for bringing home the first-ever international Gold medal in a track and field event! You have made us proud. Let this victory motivate and inspire you to repeat such feats in the coming days too. All the best!
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