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    Does spending more time in the office always means working more?

    Nowadays we commonly hear people talking about work stress and spending long hours at the office. While there may be genuine reasons for it in some cases but still a question always arises - Does spending more time in office essentially means working more? Is it always needed?

    Sometimes I have seen breaks at the workplace turn out to be an employee chit chat and time pass occasion. Due to this tea breaks go up to half an hour to forty-five minutes and the lunch break for one and half hours to two hours. Apart from this, we see employees checking their facebook and personal emails in between work. The end result is that they end up staying late to complete their work.

    Few people enjoy more in office than at home and hence leave office late. For example, for young bachelors staying away from family there is no better place than the office. They get free internet, tea/coffee/snacks, AC, why will they want to leave office? Even for some men with family, they feel more comfortable at the office than home. They know once they reach home they will be bogged with kids studies, wife's grocery list, going to market etc so better stay at the office which is kind of running away from family responsibilities.

    In this respect, I appreciate the work culture of foreign countries in America, Europe etc when compared to India. They work with full focus at the office without much here and there, utilize their time in office to fullest, complete their work and leave for home on time. Their office time is for office and non-office time and weekends is for their family. Should we take leaf out of their book and improve our work culture?
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    No but this brings us an image of an inefficient person not able to mange the things within a span of allocated time. Another reason is to showoff by sitting late hours.

    But sometimes this does work & so others continue to do this late sitting. I don't find any reason in order to associate good or bad with it & so let this be decided by the management.

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    I completely agree with the author and his explaination to the reasons why people work for long hours in office.

    Even when the work is target based, I see employees sitting in the office for long hours. When the others are able to complete the work, why few people take long time to complete the same work given?

    The reasons being, taking long breaks, chit chat with friends or smoke breaks in between etc,. Since it is a target based work, management may ignore about the breaks because at the end of the day they want the given target to be completed.

    All that I explained is what I have seen in my own office. I also see few bachelors who stay away from family, feel better to stay in office than going to room. One of my friends whose room was close to the office, used to stay at office for long hours. He used to extend for another 2 hours so that he could even have dinner for free at the office so he will just go to room and takes rest.

    In my opinion, the management should take strict action against such things because, extending to complete a target based work shows the incompetence to complete the work in given time also using companie's resources for long hours which is a loss to the company.

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    Time spent in the office is in no way an indication of hard work. If we can plan our work properly 8 hours is more than enough to complete the work. But some people spend more time in the office because of various reasons.
    1. The person may not be able to properly and execute the same as planned. That is why he may have to spend long hours in the office. Some Managements see the habit of spending more time as an inefficiency.
    2. Many middle-level managers and lower staff will come to the office on time. But top people will come late and they will make sure that they spend late hours in the office. As the boss is staying in the seat the juniors will not leave the office.
    3. To avoid domestic issues some people stay long hours in the office.
    4. These days many of the IT companies will have their clients in other countries. So many times the clients will be disturbing these employees out of office hours. This will make the employees stay out of office hours also in the office.

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    Not necessarily at all.
    In an established and systematic organisation the need to st late occurs rarely only. But if someone stays late everyday it means that there is something wrong in the system or the perosn(s) sitting late are inefficient, or spend their normal duty times in something else. There can be some other reasons like they try to avoid some work or responsibility at home or other places where they are attached to and take the alibi of overwork in office.

    People may need to sit late during exigencies, during initial stabilising phase , year ends or quarter ends etc. But not all 365 days. I so genuinely ,then there is insufficient staff, improper work distribution and cost cutting by the employer. That will be counterproductive to the organisation as well as employee in the long run.

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    I wont agree with the fact that those who stays long time in the office does not mean that they are dedicated workers and obedient employees. Some senior employees have the habit of sitting late hours so that they can finish the today's pending work and also plan for the tomorrow's. But they would waste the time in the day and thus the co-employees thinks that the particular person is working more. It is not the case at all. They do not want to be disturbed during the works, and hence want privacy after the office hours. But invariably the peon get irritated by staying long.
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    If the employees work properly in time, there is no need of staying back in office for long hours. It is true both for the boss and the subordinate.

    Unfortunately, our work culture has become such that some employees impress their boss by agreeing to sit late whether it is productive or not. This is a bad trend and not going to help the organisation in improving its bottom line.

    There are offices where the boss comes very late and then starts taking meetings and reviews and things like that. This goes till late in the evening and some of the employees are trapped in the office unnecessarily though they had done their work in time.

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