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    Why contract jobs are no answer at all

    Our great Finance Minister, whose record of work is nothing to feel proud about, had even announced a scheme in Parliament where the Government would pay the PF for the employer's contribution, for three years, in the case of what is called "Fixed Term Employment". It should be remembered that this a glorified name for what is actually contract labor. The banks, LIC companies and most of the IT sector and even BPO jobs were regular jobs and these were sought to give the employees social security. It is the same employees who were driving the economy and giving a fillip to the ever growing service sector. They were the ones who were actually buying the new flats and apartments.

    Today, that is slowly changing. Everything is on contract. Most companies have already sub-contracted even part of HR activities. Security services and canteen are long gone to contractors. Now, diploma and degree holders in engineering are floating from one contract job to another.

    This is no answer for our unemployment. Those on contract have the sword hanging over them. They cannot get married, no banker will ever give them any loan. The Government should impress upon the employers to take them on regular rolls. This atrocious practice has to stop.
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    Instead of keeping on criticizing the current government please come up with your ideas too about how you could have done this job in the most efficient way wherein the current government finding themselves incapable of, if you are given the post of PM or of FM.

    Pl. let us know whether we have got the enough natural resources in order to fulfill the need of the growing population because I am of the opinion that if the previous governments would have acted in a bold way while taking precautionary measures so as to restrict the population then possibly we had a better situation. But the problem is that any of the previous governments had acted only on the appeasement policies & so no concrete formula to reduce the unemployment but to wait a little longer so that the current government can do some positive executions.

    In addition & as previously mentioned against your post that in the mean time there are more than 25% of our population is uneducated & so what you expect about what kind of opportunities can be make available to them in terms of employment? Could you also pl. let us know about to whom can we blame for all this?

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    The people who have the capacity and strength can become the contractors and they can give permanent employment to their employees. For example, A company executing the works in a government Organisation can try to get another contract in another Organisation and shift their permanent employees from this organisation to another organisation where they got the contract recently. Thus they can ensure continuity of service to their employees. I know many Organisations who are doing manpower supply contracts by engaging well-qualified people with them in permanent roles. Thus this policy will help more jobs in private organisation. Creating more jobs in government organisations without proper output is a big loss to the nation. This point will not be thought by many people but always say that the government is not creating employment. But real talented people will shine more in doing private jobs only.
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