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    Do we really need more than one car?

    Most middle class families, particularly those who earn more than one hundred thousand rupees a month, have two cars. This is sheer luxury. In huge cities, there is already a parking problem, and those who even live in independent houses are put to great stress as the second car is parked on the road.

    Is this not additional worry as well? Our parents did not have this kind of luxury. This makes the children also take life for granted. Their Facebook-whats up--you tube life is complete even at the age of ten. What do members think of this luxury?
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    A luxury to a person, might be necessity to another.
    As standard of life increases, it has its own effects. Lets take a real life example.
    You are having a meeting with a client today at 10 am. He has just landed here by 8am flight and would be returning by 9pm flight. In these 12 hours, he has almost 8 meetings scheduled with different executives, companies and vendors. You exactly have only 1hr or so to pitch your idea to him. Would you risk waiting for the right train or bus, getting smashed and dirty in the thick rush hour crowd in the bus.
    You would rather tell your driver to escort you in your cozy air conditioned car, while you finish giving last minute touches to your presentation on the way. You also need not worry, as your wife can use the other car to get to her workplace on time comfortably.
    Same is the case with all other 'luxuries'.

    To an outsider, they just need to lower their unncesaary greed. But in reality it's all about the standard of living. Unlike the olden days, thanks to the low EMIs and offers, middle class people too can afford a second car.

    Regarding the life taken for granted part. I guess every generation says the same; this generation youngsters don't have to face the hardships of our generation, that they aren't frugal enough in their spendings. It's all about standard of living. Would we be ready to live a frugal lifestyle like our elders? Of course not.

    That being said, in the case of cities, I completely agree with the author on the parking space part. What's the use of buying cars when you don't have enough parking space!

    So let's take luxury out of this picture and think about the after effects of more and more cars getting on the road; traffic, parking and pollution being just a few.

    Let's see the world from different perspectives

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    More and more cars in the cities are creating traffic problems and pollution problems. We used to travel by public transport during our younger ages. But now the trend is changed. Many people prefer their own private vehicles. These people will not have a proper place to park their vehicle but they want to go to the work in their car only. In many of the colonies if we see in the nights in many areas there will be cars parked outside the house. Sometimes it will become a very terrible experience driving a car in those streets between the two cars parked on each side of the roads. So people should think about whether we should have more cars and create problems or we can try with only one car.
    In many of the places in many cities these days, the main problems faced by the vehicle owners is the parking space problem only.

    always confident

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    Luxury would mean different things to different individuals & so the best possible act would be to enjoy with whatever you have got but at the same time don't take the comfort of others. Carrying more than one car should not be the identity for creating nuisances for the society for the others but instead how good we can make use of it.

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    There was a time when even having one car was considered a big thing. A person having car was seen with high respect.

    Today in the families where more than one earning member is there it is very common to have 2 cars. It is a matter of convenience rather than luxury. Still, there are people who are crazy about the high end models of cars and they sometimes are going for very high end models which may not be required for transportation but just to quench their thirst for those latest costly gadgets. Yes, such things can be considered as luxury.

    If one can afford there is no problem in having a number of cars but it is creating a lot of problem in managing parking slots in housing societies and abnormal traffics on the roads.

    Knowledge is power.

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    It is just like climbing up. Seeing from bottom It will be a concern how to clime the peak. But covering each step or each basic distance it becomes easier and the goal is achieved. Once the goal is achieved, it becomes simple and the look out is for next higher peak.
    Similarly in our daily life, one satisfied demand creates another. For the one who has not satisfied the lowest demand it may appear a difficult and achievable task or a luxury. But once he satisfies that lowest he also will look henceforth next.
    A Malyalam saying is " Undavan paaya thedunnu, Unnaathavan ila thedunnu"- one who has taken food searches for the mat (to rest) the one who has not taken food searches for the leaf(leaf plate to eat). It is just that.
    If we have only a scooter and do not have even a car then one who has two cars appears to be luxurious and wasting. But one who does not have even a bicycle will feel that we are also luxurious and wasting.

    Regarding the parking and road space, the two car owner will feel, why not they create facilities when I am paying road tax more.

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    According to me there is no need for car at all. And if the family wants and insists, one is enough. Given the traffic conditions in every city, one car occupies the space of 4 two wheeler and that can sum that at the cost of one person enjoying is luxury, three persons has to forgo. And having more than one car is just flaunting the wealth statement to others and nothing more than that. And those who own the car are arrogant on the road as they feel they must be given chance first and that is not liked by me. Any way this is my opinion to which others may not agree or even ridicule me.
    K Mohan
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    It looks Ola/Uber services are cheaper than maintaining a car. Parking space also not required.

    Times of India reported that Karnataka Government has put up a proposal to Parliament that car owners need to show the adequate parking space before registering the vehicle. This proposal is looking good. But chances of bribing are there. Bangalore may be the second highest vehicle population after Delhi with more than 80 lacs vehicles. Roads are designed for smaller numbers with less speed. Widening the roads also impractical in many areas. Car-pooling/public transport/metro train services can reduce the load on the road. Let our Traffic Engineers invent new ways/mode of transport so that people can reduce their dependency on their cars. Till then you cannot say don't buy your second car.

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