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    Our motto in ISC is to earn few bucks too but how often we admit to this?

    It's quite a sometime here for me in ISC & since starting what I have observed is that we have been appreciating the ISC & for providing us the platform for learning as well as for knowledge sharing but never admit to the fact that we also concern with some earnings too. Why is it so? Does these raises any bad Image or the bad impressions onto others if we do so?
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    Yes, I do appreciate the thought. We can earn few bucks also through this learning & sharing platform. May be earning few bucks is the end result of the whole process and everybody is concerned about maintaining the process in the right way without concerning too much about the result. I am not sure, but it's my view.

    I am absolutely new to this platform and finding the posts really interesting. Since earning from this platform is possible in many ways, I encourage more posts in this thread from senior members regarding ways and means to earn few bucks.


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    Many times in many of my responses I have pointed out that ISC is providing a platform for sharing knowledge and at the same time they are giving us a chance to earn a little money. This is a fact. But we can't say that we are all participating only for getting some points and some money. The major benefit we are getting is knowledge sharing. We are able to learn points from different areas and thus enhancing our General Knowledge. This is the main benefit. The other benefits will follow.
    If you believe it or not the time one has to spend for making an answer to a question in Ask Expert section is no way comparable to the CC what we get. But the benefit we are getting there is gaining additional knowledge. This is the main gain and the CC will come next.

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    Don't you feel that reading newspapers & watching the debates in the various news channels will produce far better results in "gaining additional knowledge".?

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    I am a freelance writer and mostly work for specific clients and sites where I can freelance.

    On ISC, my contributions are mostly in the Resource section and I post articles whenever I find the time, from my otherwise busy schedule. I have no qualms about admitting that my presence on ISC is solely because I can make money from my contributions - through direct payment from the site and through Adsense earnings. I use my free time to create articles for posting on the site. The money might not be much, but it adds to the total kitty. I view it as a constructive way of using my spare time in making some extra money that pays the internet bill.

    And I don't see any reason why anyone should be ashamed of admitting their reason for being on ISC. It is a legitimate way of earning.

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    I agree. But in that, the second point that is earning a little is not fulfilled. This I have mentioned in my first sentence itself. Another point is by watching a TV channel or reading a newspaper will never give you a chance to interact with other people which will help you in enhancing your knowledge. By reading the newspaper you will get the news and the views of the writer there. Here you will have the advantage of sharing your opinions and also note the opinions of others which are used to polish your axe.
    If you are contributing in the article section and earning that is a different issue. But the case is different for the people who spend more time on forum sections and Ask Expert sections. But I am again telling that I am not denying the fact that we are getting a little money for our efforts.

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    ISC is a platform wherein time spent gaining knowledge, interacting with other members, sharing information related to our expertise and profession. For this, we get 'paid' by points for cash credits. Although the amount of money is variable, I see it as a practical and often fair manner of ISC acknowledging the members time and contribution. One should not feel embarrassed or hesitate to admit to the same.

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    I agree on the below point of yours,

    "Here you will have the advantage of sharing your opinions and also note the opinions of others which are used to polish your axe."

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    ISC tag line is 'Learn to earn, Earn to learn' and it aptly describes reason of our joining to it. The motivational force is two fold - earning as well as learning. Earnings may be small but it is a source of some regular money and you have a satisfaction that some of your work is remunerated.

    Some of the members must have been benefited immensely in terms of increasing their knowhow and knowledge in this site depending upon the sections they are engaged. I used to write articles and participated in discussion forums elsewhere but it was only after joining ISC that I had enough courage to write even stories on the themes provided. Similarly the job posting and my India sections were new exposures for me. So many people must have learned new skills here and that is what the tagline talks about.

    I have no inhibition or hesitation in admitting that it is the two fold motivation that is holding many members (including myself) to it and as I noted there are members associated for quite considerable time.

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    My joining ISC was not at all a planned one. It so happened. One day I was doing a wild search just to pass my time. Somehow I hit upon the site. A glance through the pages made me like it. And I joined. I did not even make an introductory post.I was not knowing anything about online content posting. I just jumped into the pool. That is all. There never was any aim to earn money. It was only after joining that I found that the site pays money as cash credits. But it did not attract me much as it was just a very small amount. At that time it was not at all accumulating sufficient to pay the internet charges also.

    But frankly, I never despise money and always admitted that I happily accept whatever comes in the way. But money was never and even now not my aim in participating in ISC.
    My statements in this regard can also be seen in this thread and this thread.

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    There is no denial that those who are active and participating in every forum thread and raising good topics are being on the top and by virtue of it they do earn money. Though the earnings at ISC cannot be compared to our regular earnings, we do get satisfied even if we get 100 as our monthly earning, because that shows our power to convert the words into the money. Moreover ISC is not giving us the money just like that. They do earn through ads and we are partner to every contributing made by us. So it is the mutual understanding and cooperation that leads to earnings. Some members have created niche in writing good articles and they earn four thousands to five thousands monthly and that is good income. Some end up earning only 300 or 400 which is not even a threshold earning to claim money. Nevertheless ISC earnings do matter, and my son purchased a guitar for himself and what else I can say ?
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    There is absolutely nothing to be ashamed of to declare a person's interest in earning. But, there are many Members who are attached to this site not for earning, but for spending some interesting time, for online interaction with others and also to gain knowledge. Those who are mainly contributing to Forum section, generally come under this category.
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    Rightly said by Partha. Those who contribute more in resources, ask experts and jobs are money minded and they cannot hide that they are working for knowledge.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    You use 'money-minded' as an insult, mocking people with your puerile comment. We do not need to hide the fact that we are earning. Neither do we need to hide behind the garb of acquiring and sharing knowledge, while making money through our contributions.

    And hasn't everyone seen you asking for cash credits for your forum posts! Earning money legitimately, through effort, is something to be appreciated.

    It is talent and diligence that makes it possible for members to earn through contributions in the Resource, Ask Experts and Jobs sections. Many make an attempt at earning through these sections, but not everyone possesses the skills required to succeed.

    "A love affair with knowledge will never end in heartbreak." -Michael Garrett Marino

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    I have three invoices pending, which I have not claimed yet - dated 01/03/2018, 01/04/2018 and 01/07/2018 totalling Rs. 4300, that is how money-minded I am.

    When do you submit your invoices for payment? Is it on the day that they are posted?

    "A love affair with knowledge will never end in heartbreak." -Michael Garrett Marino

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    Can we get back to the topic of discussion, please?
    All said and done, though it may not be one's motto, it is a fact that the money part does count. Let us be fair to ourselves by admitting that we are indeed interested in the fact that ISC pays us, irrespective of how small the amount may be.
    But I think we need to differentiate between those who are calculative and those who post contents as a matter of interest and is not as such bothered whether they would be eligible for the RSB or whether they would be able to get a cash payment at the end of the month. Money does matter, even if it is a few hundreds!

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