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    Sweet are the uses of adversities.

    If life is going in a mediocre way and there are no ups and downs, people become lazy and sluggish and are confined to their comfort zones.

    This might have been experienced by many people and is literally known as the smooth phase of life. Some people might consider it as a dull period.

    Suddenly, something unexpected happens and we find ourselves surrounded by many difficulties and challenges. Initially it is a big shock but we have to face the storms in our life whenever they come and threaten us.

    With self confidence, hard work and to some extent help from the fellow beings we sometimes get ourselves out of these difficult situations and when situation eases, we come back to another smooth phase albeit at a different level.

    We learn a great during these times as such challenges teach us a lot about our deficiencies, weaknesses and shortcomings and we try to improve ourselves for any such unforeseen future encounters with the bad times in our life.

    As we eventually gain valuable experiences from such episodes we start believing that 'Sweet are the uses of adversities '.

    What is your view on this?
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    When we confront with the problems and that happens in series, then we are slowly get accustomed to the challenges and that gives the immense strength to tackle any and every situation. For example those who are habituated to see some dead bodies daily either at the hospital ward or at the grave yard, when some one dies in his own home he wont get perturbed or disturbed because he gets adjusted to the situation by virtue of his daily seeing such dead bodies of others and arrived at the fact in mind that deaths are going to happen and that is the reality of life.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    It is very well said. Life is not only a journey but an experience also. During hardships we become confused and it takes some time to come out of that situation. When we start to analyze the causes of hardship, we find out many answers that remained unanswered till then.

    Trying new things is always challenging and it becomes an experience when it succeeds. Inside we are always comfortable, but influence of any situation or things, which is completely working as outer force, make us uncomfortable. It is always better not to get influenced by anything and maintain the calmness inside us to stride through any situations.


    "Life is easier when you enjoy what you do"

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    A life without any challenges is not enjoyable. It will be a routine. But when we face some challenges only our brain starts acting and make us face the challenges. Those experiences only will make us very strong.
    If we work in an Organisation from the day one of its establishment, we will understand the problems in bringing the organisation to work in a systematic way. This will give us a lot of experience and happiness also. Instead, we join a company which is running smoothly will not give us that experience. Working in a manufacturing industry which is brought to the commercial production stage is easy than bring the unit to the commercial production stage is difficult and this experience will give teach you many lessons which will be useful to you.

    always confident

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