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    The buck stops at the top of the Garbage Heap

    It seems the power struggle between the AAP government & the LG of Delhi has taken a toll on the collection of garbage also. The heap of garbage at Ghazipur area had scaled the height of 65 metre, just 8 metre shorter than that of Qutub Minar. The blame game is still on and both the government and LG's office clarified that collection of garbage is the job of Municipality. It seems it is none of the government or the LG's business.

    The AAP government is clamoring for removal of NCT status and demanding full statehood for quite sometime now, but the central government is thinking otherwise. Few days earlier, a Supreme Court bench categorically ruled that the LG of Delhi has no independent decision making power and was again castigated on Thursday for his indifferent attitude towards the removal of garbage. The LG has the authority to give out instructions to clear up the mess but till now he has not done it. Is it a clash of ego or the LG is playing into someone's hands? It is to be seen where the buck stops.
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    All political parties do not take their responsibilities they just blame each other. They just make big promises during the elections after that they forgot what they have promised. Now the political parties blame to the Municipality. But this is not only the responsibility of the Municipality. This is also the responsibility of the all parties whatever the party is AAP or BJP. But they always blame each other and no one wants to take action on garbage issue in Delhi.

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    A very bad way of functioning. It is politics on dead bodies. Each one is trying to blame the other. Finally the suffers are the common public. The Politicians should feel ashamed. They can fight with each other but work should not suffer. They are forgetting this basic point. Finally, the municipality is getting the blame. These political parties will never take the responsibility but they claim credits for all good happenings. How to solve this problem? How long will it continue? This garbage issue of this capital city of the country has become such a controversy now and all are trying to play the game on this issue.
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    It is indeed a very sad state of affairs. The LG is just a puppet of the ruling centre. It is a new development that almost all the Governers are from a party cadre and their decisions are tuned and controlled to the satisfaction of some.

    Whether it is ego or whatever, the people should rake up the issue and if need be, move the judicial forum. After all, it is our right as guaranteed by the Constitution.

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    Here we are trying to contribute to the Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan in every capacity and the caretakers of the public are not even doing their jobs properly. It must be terrible for the common people living in the are. The stench and the germs in the area could be mind-boggling. Hygenic and sanitized conditions are basic necessities and all people do is play politics. It is a pathetic situation.

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