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    How about wood houses in India?

    I read a report in some magazine that China is going into wood houses in a big way. I also understand that wood houses are so common in Western countries. Given our constraints, can we have wood houses? Will be cost be less than the brick and mortar houses we see all over the country?

    Will it work out? Do we have wood houses already in some part of the country? Growing wood may not be an issue. ITC which has collaborated with thousands of farmers uses wood for one of its divisions, but wood is replanted too. Similar things can be tried out for the kind of wood required. Demand for steel and cement will come down, and prices will come down too.

    What do members think about this?
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    Our ancestral house in present Bangladesh was a house made of costly Teakwoods and Shal woods. The so-called wood houses are very costly (contrary to common belief) and it requires maintenance at least once in every two years. The wood houses or houses made of logs are very good for air circulation and are very cool and comfortable in summer. Our entire family shifted to India in 1950 (my father had shifted earlier in 1948), The wood-house of our family was totally destroyed prior to 1954. My father last went there in 1954 and could not find any trace of this wood-house. My father's sister's house in West Bengal was a wood-house built in 1977. But that house also left this world well before 1998.

    So, it can be easily stated that the proposition of the author is not at all practical.

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    What I feel that wood houses can be the best option in such places where the climate is normal and in control. But in Delhi the climate is extreme for every season. More over the Aandhi , ie the dust storm which comes from the neighboring states is so powerful that , it can uproot the wood houses in seconds and that would pose great loss. Moreover the root tops cannot be in wood which pose danger for seepage or damage in due course due to vagaries of nature. So I feel there may not be takers for your suggestion. However also give the probable cost of a simple house in wood to gauge the expectations.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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