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    With ISC earnings, My son Aditya now owns a Guitar of his choice. His wish fulfilled.

    Time and again we come across the threads in this forum has to what would be the income potential for new members and to which we cannot promise them a wind fall but from a pittance , one can surely achieve their dream amount by spending few minutes on this site daily basis. When I asked my son to be member he cited no time. Now he is rocking and earning money with ease , thanks to his creative thinking and members support. He has purchased a wonderful guitar which was his long term dream and that is achieved now. So ISC can get you the things, provided you work with consistency.
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    Congrats to Aditya and you too as a proud father. Aditya is no doubt a cool person and his posts in the forum are often very interesting. It is nice to hear that Aditya has fulfilled his long-cherished dream of purchasing a guitar through his earnings in ISC. That is sure great. I remember, a few years back, I too was encouraged to buy my 2nd harmonica through my ISC earnings only.
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    Please convey my congratulations to Mr. Aditya. He has tremendous potential and in ISC, he is partly utilizing his writing potential. I hope the guitar would bring out more creativity in him.
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    Yes if one gets the desired thing in life, the body language, the high energy, and above all work potential increases. Lets see what he does.
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    Congratulations to him, I am happy that he bought a guitar. However, it would have nice if he himself has posted the thread about this. All the best and good luck.

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    Congrats to Aditya Mohan to have bought a Guitar with his earnings from ISC. This is not just a celebratory moment for him, but an inspiration for others to work consistently and earn.

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    Oh! Great news. I assume that your son is pursuing studies and in such a phase of life any earning small or very small has a worth which I can very realize and appreciate. This is the dignity of work. No apprehensions.

    Your thread has rekindled some memories of my childhood and I think my response will be incomplete if I do not mention that.

    We were a lower middle class family and there was no question of any pocket money or any earning from any quarter except a little money from mother that also once in 2-3 months.

    We were bringing vegetables from a shop where the shopkeeper used to give it in paper bags. We saw some people coming to his shop and giving packets of these bags in lieu of some money. One day I asked him how much it was. At that time, about 52 years back, it was hardly Rs 20 for 100 bags or so. I told him if I prepared it whether he will purchase from me. He answered that if it was good quality only then he would.

    I was having summer vacations and I started doing that , though my parents were not happy as they thought it will distract me from studies.

    I made some little money and purchased some misc items lying in my memory for a long time. It was a great pleasure to earn that small amount at that time.

    So convey my congrats to Aditya.

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    That's awesome... congratulations, Aditya. This involves really a lot of efforts.
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    It is good that now your son has become a pride owner of a Guitar. Convey my congratulations to your son and I wish he will be reaching great levels in his life with his hard work and intelligence. I feel the author is very happy with his son and I congratulate him also. I wash all the best to both of them.
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    Congratulations to Aditya on earning on his own for the guitar by contributing to ISC. This thread to me brings home two facts, one, honest self-earning, however, small carries a special meaning and two, the genuine father's pride and joy on his son's achievements.

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