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    A toy train carrying cigar and liquor

    Members, have you visited the Jai Vilas Palace of Gwalior? If you visit the royal banquet hall of the palace, you will find a toy train was waiting on the very big dining table. The toy train comprises of a silver engine and seven carriages made of silver and crystal decanters.

    The toy train was ordered by Maharaja Sir Madho Rao Sindhia, the grandfather of present Rajasthan Chief Minister, Smt. Vasundhara Raje. The train was manufactured by Bassett Lowke, a famous toy manufacturing company of England (which is still operational). It was manufactured in 1906. The special toy train was used to pass on cigar and liquor to the special guests invited by the Maharaja. The train would stop as soon as a decanter was lifted by any guest.

    The Maharaja was a great lover of gadgets. Earlier he had imported another toy train engine from England. When the engine 'died' (stopped functioning), he made a mausoleum for it in the palace garden.
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    Maharaja seems to be a man of childish curiosity and great hospitability. To have seen a toy train an equal and to have it buried in his garden, it tells me he must have looked after his people in a similar manner.
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    The toy train is still there in the dining hall of the palace. Another engine which the Maharaja had procured prior to this train, was buried and a mausoleum was built in the palace garden.
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    After reading this piece of information, my thoughts ran to the living style of Jawaharlal Nehru, who used to send his clothes by Dacota plane for washing and Ironing to London.
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    People with money can do anything. They can afford any luxury and they can waste the money as they like. They have that privilege of being born as rich. It is an information for me about that toy train. I had been to Gwalior but never happened to visit the Jai Vilas Palace.
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