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    Another rape case in Kerala

    According to a news report in Kerala, a rape case is registered against Catholic Bishop Franco Mulakkal for molesting a nun since 2014. Four other Church priests are also booked for rape charges. The Bishop is justifying his actions by saying that the incident took place in the year 2014 and the victim is complaining now only! Government is reluctant to take action saying that arresting these Bishops and Priests will create serious law and order problems in Jalandhar, Punjab!

    The Christian community in Kerala is a minority. Appeasing minorities is the fundamental policy adopted by Indian National Congress and Left parties since independence. These so-called Bishops are capable of swinging the power in any direction during elections. So, you cannot expect any actions against those Bishops by any Government.
    Many rape cases are languishing in various courts in Kerala. Jisha's, Somya's, Abhaya's etc, etc…….the list is endless. Now, Elizabeth, a new name is added to this list. Police are investigating all these case sincerely since years. I saw in a video that the victim, Elizabeth, coming to the camera and saying that she is not expecting justice under Indian law and suggesting that all women/girls should carry Chaku (Knife) while travelling in Kerala as a self-defence measure. Travelling in Kerala with Chaku in handbags may not be practical. People in this state had many discussions, debates, seminars, awareness programmes etc. on the subject many times but seeing no improvements in the situations.

    I think, discussing this issue further is a waste of time. My opinion is that all girls between the ages 10 to 25 should undergo military commando training by Indian Army, compulsorily so that they can protect themselves in the case of any eventuality. We are seeing Elite Black Cat Commandos protecting our beloved VIPs. Why can't we provide similar training to all the girls?

    Many of you may not like this thread and my views, but this is the hard reality.
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    1. The Bishop has raped a Nun for 4-5 years. The Nun has complained and most probably the Bishop has been arrested.
    2. What is more shocking is the attempt to justify the Bishop by a periodical which is known for its proximity to the Church.
    3. It is far more shocking that the liberal gangs are not raising this issue in the discussion table. Some of us definitely remember the hullabaloo created by these liberals when a so-called Bapu was arrested on rape charge in the past.

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    Two Christian Priests have been arrested in connection with two separate complaints received about alleged rape/ sexual assaults. The anticipatory bail application filed by another Priest and a Bishop has been rejected by the High Court and it is said that they are planning to approach the Supreme Court for the same and they are, in that pretext, hiding from the Police. There has been unconfirmed news that since the possibility of getting a bail from the Supreme Court is bleak, they have been advised to surrender before the law. The Police are on the trail and both of them will be arrested any moment.

    The accused in the Jisha case has been tried and awarded death sentence by the Sessions Court. The accused in the Soumya case has been tried and though he was sentenced to death by a Sessions Court and the same was upheld by the High Court, the Supreme Court refused to confirm the same and reduced the punishment to life imprisonment for want of convincing evidence regarding the murder. In Sister Abhaya's case, the discharge applications filed by two accused, a Priest and a Nun, was dismissed by a Court while one of the accused, another Priest, was discharged since his involvement could not be proved.

    These being the facts, I am not sure why the author chose to come out with a thread which is devoid of any truth. Rape is no doubt a heinous crime and the accused should be heavily punished if found guilty, but then the suggestion of the author as if such incidents are unique to Kerala is not acceptable. The author should have verified facts before coming up with such allegations in an open forum like this.

    And #642101, the media in Kerala, printed as well as visual, is indeed busy discussing the present rape cases filed against Christian Priests; the national (?) media, as usual, does not seem very much interested (I do not want to go into further details).

    Rape is rape, whether by Christian Priests, Hindu Priests or Godmen or Muslim clerics or Mullahs! Can't we conclude it that way?

    'Any fool can know. The point is to understand."- Albert Einstein

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    ''Rape is rape, whether by Christian Priests, Hindu Priests or Godmen or Muslim clerics or Mullahs! Can't we conclude it that way?''---------------The Indian liberals did not conclude that way when the so-called Bapu was arrested.

    That was the action. Now the reactions have started.

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    Editing the thread shows the skewed views and inability to comprehend the facts.
    I was a proud Keralite once, and now I am ashamed of being called as a Keralite.

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    I feel that this is the worst instance of someone so powerful misusing his political connections to escape from the law. So many horrible stories are appearing in the newspapers, but this one is the worst among them. How can the Church, which is supposed to preach peace and happiness to their people, is doing all these atrocities.

    I really do not know the role of political parties, but it is shameful to even defend such horrible people and their practices. I think the best solution is to simply hang them, within six months. Only then justice can be really done.

    This step may be extreme, but it should happen.

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    Crimes have to be treated as crimes and the law should deal with it so that the perpetrators get due punishment and the same gives a deterrent message also.
    Unfortunately nowadays on anything there is different opinion as per our own bias and allegiance. The media have great part and contribution in this. The media in Kerala generally were looking northward and feeding readers sensational reports about something happened in some northern states. They were giving more coverage and sensation if the state happened to be BJP ruled. Now this is a test case for them as it is in their own turf.
    Actions and reactions based on the the political bias has been seen very clearly by common people in many recent incidents. In certain cases the local parties come with a ready judgement who is behind such things, go on hartal and ask for CBI enquiry. But in other incidents, they simple remain silent or justify by saying some thing else and refusing to allow CBI enquiry.

    But I will say that let crimes be dealt as crimes and the criminal doers brought before law and after due process of law, be punished properly and the victim get justice. Let us not become judgemental before that even though we may have our own personal bias and guess.

    All said and done I cannot support if someone makes a statement that Kerala is not safe for women. There is rule of law in the state, public are aware and react when needed. The law enforcement come to the situation, may be some lacking here and there in certain cases, the judicial process takes on and in many cases the culprits are punished as per law established. People have full faith in judiciary and know that the police can do wonders
    if able to act freely.
    There is no fear among common people about lack of security, though they get temporarily concerned when they read the reports coming in the media.

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    This issue is concerned to a person who heads his community and being sensitive, I thought it wont be allowed to be discussed. Anyway good sense prevailed even at ISC as they are now accepting the fact to discuss core issues appearing in media and press. Nevertheless the rape has been done, and the Bishop is shielded by the people and the community for the reasons better known to them. As the left parties always demand immediate action from the state and central governments on such issues, they too must ask the Kerala government to do justice and book the culprit.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    ''Rape is rape, whether by Christian Priests, Hindu Priests or Godmen or Muslim clerics or Mullahs! Can't we conclude it that way?''
    Oh… very simple! Yes, We can conclude that way only and close all the files!!
    A Latvian woman came to Kerala for a depression treatment recently was brutally drugged and murdered in the capital city of Kerala, Trivandrum.
    How we conclude this case?
    Is Kerala safe for women?

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