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    Nostalgia for our old place of living

    Most of the times in life we do not get to stay in one city or town. We need to change places due to different factors like education, job, transfers etc. But wherever we go we build fond memories attached to that place which they cherish later. But it is a fact that if we are born, brought up and have done schooling in one particular city or town then memories of this place leave a very lasting imprint in our mind which is hard to erase. This often creates nostalgic and sweet memories in our mind sometimes when we are free or in a thoughtful mood. At this moment we get a deep urge to visit our old place and relive the memories. But due to the practicalities of life, this may not always be possible.

    But we often tend to have a virtual tour of our place by getting lost in its memories for a while whenever we feel nostalgic. Scenes which come to our mind during such times are – our house where we used to live, those lanes where we used to wander and those small shops, our school and playground where we enjoyed with our friends, that marketplace nearby our house where we used to visit in the evenings with our friends and that snacks corner where we used to have our evening tea and snacks, those nearby places where we visited.

    We also wonder how the place would have changed by now and get a strong feeling that one day we will visit our old place and live the memories in real time. So do you have memories associated with your old city or town and do you plan to visit them in the future to rekindle the memories?
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    We are not only having dreams, but have memories of the past also.
    The more we know that the memories cannot come rel now, the more nostalgic. However if the current situation is not conducive to keep us stable or we are not realistic to the situations, then it can lead to depression also.

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    Many times I remember the other places where I stayed during my childhood and during the later years. My Parents still live in my native place and hence I go to that place regularly for some reason or other. So I have not lost touch with that place. But later in my life, I stayed in different places and finally settled in Hyderabad. I feel like visiting the places where I stayed earlier, but due to many reasons, I am not able to go to some places. It will be the same I think with respect to many other people also.
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    Yes, it's always nostalgic. Just a few days earlier I was thinking about the locality where I spent a part of my childhood. I was thinking about the play ground where all of us used to play together. To relive and cherish those memories I was also thinking of calling all of those friends in that particular playground and share the wonderful stories. But, I do not have contacts with many of them, do not know how big they have grown up now. Few of them may have shifted to some other places.

    Sometimes these cherishable memories of childhood turns us into a child, we tend to feel we were a child just the other day. Things change, so do the situations, even those nostalgic places also transform into a new one - but the memory remains with us as long as we can think of.


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