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    Do we do something extra only to earn money?

    I have my own Blog and it is still in initial stage. Meaning I have to work on it heavily before I make it a good Blogsite. I have created it just to make my presence felt on the net world and since it is my favourite subject so I thought to share my experience on it. However, whenever I am talking about it to my near or close one, the first question comes - what is the monetary benefit from it?

    Seriously, I just got bored with this question. Why can't we do something just for passion? Is it necessary that everything we do need to have monetary benefit? I may go for it, but definitely not now but later. However, I am enjoying what I am doing there. People are visiting regularly is the main plus point for me.

    So, my answer to them is "I am doing it for my own interest and passion as for now."
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    Before the adsense and other ways of earning from online content, people created blogs and websites incurring money. Their aim then was not money earning. It was passion or pastime. Even now there are many who spend money from their hands and keep their blogs and websites going on. Many of them do not monetise their blogs or sites.

    So we cannot generalise that people are doing something extra only to earn money.

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    It depends upon person to person. When we do something extra, that mostly happens out of interest, and when we do something of our interest, we just do it from our heart and not for the sake of money.

    And if we feel like converting that passion or interest of ours into our profession, then that would be a great amount of effort and then that will not remain extra but would become our livelihood. So, it depends how every person generalize it and if they really consider this effort as an extra effort of earning.

    Do what inspires you !!

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    Everything we do need not be for money. It may be for many other reasons. When I was in a position where my salary per day is about Rs.15000/-, I used to apply for leave and used to go to the University department for guest lecturing. The amount what I am getting by doing this is very less when compared to the value of my leave for one day. If I have not used that leave I can reimburse the same and can make some money.
    But when I go and teach the students in the department I used to feel immense happiness. It is because I am helping some students to understand the subject and at the same time I am improving my subject. This I used to do out of my passion for teaching.
    So always feeling that whatever we do is for money is a wrong concept as far as I am concerned. There may be many people like me who are putting some extra effects to attend some works which are not for money but for passion.

    always confident

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    People do anything because of two reasons - one is to earn money and other is to satisfy their passion. These two are the biggest motivators in our life. In absence of these motivating factors we may have resistance to do any task.

    Recently I went to a lecture session on environment and green Earth by a scientific association. I asked the secretary what are the other subjects on which they arrange lectures. He told me some areas and while talking he confided in me that being a NGO they had little finances in hand and they were not able to pay anything to the lecturers and expected it as a voluntary activity especially from the retired scientific and technical persons.

    I told him that I may also deliver a few lecture in my subject if they require so. He was very happy to hear this and thanked me and immediately prepared a schedule for me for delivering a lecture to college students sometime in Oct'18. I was also happy as it gives me immense satisfaction to give a talk in my specialised area. It also gives me an opportunity to interact with other people and a kind of academic satisfaction.

    So money is not involved everywhere. There are other factors and considerations also.

    Knowledge is power.

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    My views are entirely personal.

    1. It is not at all a bad thing to earn extra. But we have to really ''éarn'' it using our intellect/calibre.
    2. But not everything we do is to earn money. As for me, I have been spending considerable time with ISC and Quora everyday. Is it to earn money? I don't think so.
    3. We pursue many things out of our interest. We get pleasure from doing these. Pursuing our own interest should not be always linked with earning money. Earning satisfaction is also very important, isn't it?

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    Well it all depends on person to person. Some have the urgent need of extra money, to which they go extra mile to achieve the success. Nothing wrong to earn extra, if it is possible within the ambit of our knowledge and work experience. For example if one is good educated and has the wide knowledge of varied subjects, home tuition is the best income source. Now a days, students are not finding school teaching fully helpful and they want extra feed and coaching to which even parents are not averse. I am getting offers from various persons to tell tuition, but for me the time constraint is the biggest hurdle. In the case of the author, having a blog of his choice, surely that can be developed with daily feeds and that would fetch Google adsense, when linked to the current adsense account. Nothing wrong to earn extra if comes as the easy way.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Hi, Jeet Singh , This is a very common reaction from people when you do something that you love. I guess you encounter same question again and again. So rather to avoid or get bored you can tell them 'I love to do it and in love their is no expectation but only giving (in humor way). Although you can encourage them to visit your blog once. Definitely they will appreciate you.

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    Everybody must have a time for her/his own hobby. This is known as the favorite pastime. This favorite pastime is necessary to maintain the work - life balance and is essential for the psychological well being. Many a times people tend to equate everything with money, thinking that it is the only thing required for our survival and the more money you have the more peaceful you will become.

    Actually it varies from person to person depending upon the needs and it's better not to get bored when somebody tries to equate favorite pastime with money. After all , the immense pleasure one gets by pursuing a hobby cannot be bought.


    "Life is easier when you enjoy what you do"

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