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    Do you hate following follow-ups?

    In our country many times we need to do regular follow-ups to get our work done by people or when we are availing services from the third party. It is not always the case, but still quite common. Many of the times this follow up is related to government agencies but sometimes it is also required for private bodies and individuals also. This is a sheer waste of time as it is highly unproductive and useless work.

    Why do we need to make multiple calls for the thing which should have been done without any follow-ups? Why are these follow-ups required? This shows a lack of professionalism. I feel there can be many reasons for this. First of all, I think there is a lack of proper estimation in giving the timelines for completion. People randomly give times lines like 10 days for a task which can take one month due to lack of proper estimation. Secondly, such people do not lay importance to the value of their words and commitment. In order to avoid more questions from people, they tend to give some short deadline to avoid them which later results in follow-ups. Again a follow up may be followed by a fresh deadline with words like Sorry, the person was on leave, not well etc.

    Whatever may be the case, will we be able to see the time in our country where follow-ups will be minimal?
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    Even now there re people who take due responsibility and discharge their duties without fail. I have many experience that people have carried out their promise on time without need to follow up. I also have experiences when I had to lose my temper when even a number of follow ups also did not evoke positive result. Both type of experience can be had from private, public sectors and from individuals.
    We also have to ask the same question to us,whether we carry out what we offered or promised or what we are expected to do ,without anyone reminding us.

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    I think it is all about a person's own responsibility and about ownership. If we understand the ownership of the task that we do, we can even teach the same to the other person. If we understand the responsibility of doing it and making sure that the customers are satisfied, then only we are capable of taking follow-ups from our counterparts.

    Follow-ups are important as we are simultaneously involved in multiple things at a time. So there is nothing wrong in that. But just the understanding that should come from within, there has to have a limit to these follow-ups and the other person must understand the urgency of the task.

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    There are many reasons for this. We can't completely say that lack of professionalism. We are in the world of competition and everywhere you see the early birds will have the advantage. So everyone wants to avail that early bird incentive. Even the people who complete the work on time also strive to complete it faster. As such these follow-ups are getting required. When he is planning an activity to be completed within 15 days he will give you a time of 10 to 15 days and we start following up from 10th day. The person will try to complete the activity within that period. So for him, it is on time but for you, it is 2 or 3 days late.
    These days many people will be involved in multitasking and in that attempt, he may slip one or two issues. To avoid this problem the follow-ups are essential. These days in government organisations also some discipline has come in and they are trying do justice to the work they are allotted. I hope further improvement will be witnessed.

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    Follow ups are really frustrating as our expectaions are in complete. Whatever maybe the time line, be it a week, a month or 2 but we will wait even if it takes 2 months to be completed but after the deadline, if we still have to keep following up, it's really disappointing.

    Instead of making false promise saying the work will be completed in a week when it needs a month, they can simply explain and tell us that it will take some time to be completed and be genuine. So there is no need for any follow up and there will not be any disturbance for anyone.

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    Follow-up is important to know the progress of any task. It is always good to know the status of a particular work, but for how long? In many government offices, it seems everybody's business is nobody's business and so the particular job/file moves in a tardy process. Given this situation it has become our habit to follow up everything at regular interval, which is quite stressful at times.

    Here, the time management is so poor that when somebody is given a task, she /he cannot properly gauge the time required to complete the task. Hence, the unnecessary follow -ups. All of us must do the tasks diligently, whether it's our own task or someone else's that we took up as a responsibility. If it becomes our way to manage tasks carefully, then I am sure the follow-ups will be minimized.


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