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    Why is that the corrupt are always having a great time?

    We had Jayalalitha who was the epitome of corruption, the Queen of corruption in Tamil Nadu. Collectively, the same Ministers who are still around, are worth some one lakh crores, according to some estimates. One scandal after another surfaces. Nothing happens. Even the best of investigative journalists have gone to sleep.

    The corrupt Civil servants and others are also having a great time. Nothing happens. They flaunt their wealth like never before. You can see it everywhere. Am told it is ditto for most of India.

    Here is this question: how is that God is so kind to these rascals? Have they done some punya to just enjoy life? How is that the poor and the very poor, literally die on the streets, when so much of wealth is floating around? What can we do?
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    I don't think corrupts always have a great time. They are wealthy but many of them are convicted and go to jail. Some of them don't get convicted, Even then they can't sleep properly due to anxiety to protect their ill-gotten health. They also have to employ costly CAs and lawyers to manage their wealth and tax problems.
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    In Mahabharata, Dharmaraju conducted Rajasuyagam and in that, he decided to facilitate Lord Krishna as the VVIP of the gathering. No one objected except Sisupaludu. Sisupaludu started abusing Lord Krishna and he went on abusing as Lord Krishna is silently hearing the abuses. But when the abuses crossed a certain limit Lord Krishna used his weapon Sudarshan Chakra to kill him. Similarly, all on the earth will be given some leverage and tolerated to some extent based on their Punyathat has been done by them in their earlier lives. So everyone has to enjoy the fruits of their deeds. It will happen if not today, tomorrow definitely.
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    They are really having a great time, to the outside world. They all are public figures and appear in different communication mediums with smiling faces and folded hands, but spend sleepless nights due to the guilt feeling . They do another misdeed to cover up the previous one. In this way it goes on. The ill gotten wealth has its ill effect, and the results are reflected in many of the cases. Few get convicted and sentenced to jail, few fight the case for lifelong, the rest who greet us with a smile on electronic media are silently crying inside. If law doesn't take it's own course for them, the nature of course takes it's own course.

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    I blame it on the voters of Tamil Nadu for again and again selecting the same party and same persons to the power and they have created a knack as to how to swindle most money through the welfare schemes and great projects which goes in slow phase, the projects estimates are escalated citing rising cost, and then the difference goes the pockets of the leaders. That is why the common man of Tamil Nadu is yearning for a change in the rule and that should be new party and must investigate all the corrupt practices done by both dravidian parties so far. And the corruption is highly prevailing in other states too but not in this proportion ?
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    Those two political parties don't allow any other leader from any other party gaining prominence. Even the popular filmstars support any of the two parties. As a result, these two parties have been reigning Tamil Nadu continuously for 45 years.
    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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