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    Are food courts the answer?

    A few months ago, I attended a wedding where during dinner, everyone was seen carrying a plate and having just something about anything he or she liked. I did notice that there was far less wastage, as the guests had to request those serving to give them the extra bit. Yes, there was no hesitation but the wastage was reduced. The very old and those who could not move around for whatever reason, were given the option of dining in the one or two tables provided.

    Is this the best way to minimize the criminal wastage of food? If served on the table on the banana leaf, at least in South India, one does notice huge wastage, This is a crime. If we can minimize the wastage, at least some portion of it can reach the poor.

    Is it time for us to change track and go for food courts in all weddings?
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    Buffet system serving is the best way to satisfy the guests who have the liking for particular item and they may have in repeats. But when we serve on the banana leaf or the table serve, the guests invariably waste the items stating that the serving person has not consulted him. And most of the private mess in Hyderabad are having buffet lunch and dinner where in all the items are kept and one can take what ever food they want for just 60 rupees. But again the system is miss used by some by having many items in one go and then wasting the food citing the reason for over eating.
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    The amount of wastage in Buffet system is far less compared to that of serving on Banana leaves. Few aspects I found logical behind this.

    1) In Buffet system, the guests have the option to taste anything before having it more, in case of serving on Banana leaves there is no such option - the servers serve a fixed amount of food in each serve. So, if the guest doesn't like the taste of the whole serving, most of it is wasted.

    2) In case of serving on Banana leaves, the guests are seated and the amount of food they are served are heaped on the leaves whether they like it or not. In Buffet system, most of the time the guests are roaming around with a plate on their hand and have the food. If they pile up foods on the plate it becomes heavier to carry, so they avoid the idea of taking enough amount at a time.

    Moreover, the wastage is a type of habit, which is exhibited by people less concerned about others.


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    Even when the food is served in a banana leaf also we should be able to control the wastage. When the people are serving the person sitting at that leaf should ask them not to serve the items he doesn't eat. One should not hesitate to ask not to serve the items he doesn't like. Then the wastage can also be controlled. The custom of serving the items on the banana leaf before somebody sits there should be stopped. Once a person sits there he can ask the people not to serve the items which he will not eat. Then it will become less wastage in this method also.
    Buffet system may be a better option to avoid wastage but it is a little inconvenient for people to stand and eat by holding the food in one hand and eating with the other hand. Sometimes the plates served for eating are very thin and holding them is also very difficult.
    But whatever may the method we adopt ultimately we should see that there is no wastage of food.

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