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    The positive side of Puja.

    The world is full of different cultures, religions and political groups. People have their own notions about God and their ways of worshipping it. On the other hand there are the atheists who do not believe in any religion and reject the concept of God.

    There may be conflicts and confrontations on this variations in beliefs of the people and many wars were fought in history for it only to come back to square one.

    I have an observation that those who believe in God and regularly devote some time in prayers or Puja are immensely benefited by it. Contrary to the common belief and understanding, the benefit may not be coming from the almighty but actually derived from the discipline these people are following in their life. They have fixed time for their activities and Puja is an integral part of that. They know that they have to perform Puja at such an such hours and in that focus they will try to complete their quorum of other jobs by that time.

    On the other hand the people like me will be waiting for the last hours to take up a job. This is the difference between those religious people and the common mortals like some of us.

    Do you feel that people are benefited by such rigid rituals? Does such rituals train them better to struggle in life in comparison to other common mortals?
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    Wow.. such a wonderful and thoughtful thread. Such threads force me to revert back with a comment.
    I personally believe that doing any kind of puja or simple form of worship also gives an inner sense of peace in our lives and even in our daily routine.
    You can observe this by devoting some time of your day to the worship of God. That peace automatically gets in and you get relieved. Your mind is able to accept peace in that case.
    The chanting of the shlokas if we talk about Hinduism or in whatever way the people of other religions perform worships, those postures even affect us internal conscious and gives a sense of true satisfaction. It does have a positive impact on us and on our lives.

    Do what inspires you !!

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    Also to add up, the worship of God not only relaxes our mind but also soothes up our soul.
    Do what inspires you !!

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    Whether God exists or not or religions have some sanctity or not, the fact is that Puja done on a regular basis psychologically or otherwise gives a tremendous energy and calmness to the person using this ancient technique.

    In the process of discipline observed, some benefits in form of health or in materialistic life are also sometimes accrued.

    So what more does a human being want? If Puja is such a measure there is no harm in adopting it.

    Knowledge is power.

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    What is a Puja by the way. The rituals followed by every religion and sect and having the faith in their own Gods and it may be a thanks giving or boon seeking mode to which one should not infer something else. Some pujas are elaborate and in detail to which one has to spend money and time. But given the time constraint even the pujas curtailed to short rituals and that is no use. May be for that reason even the Gods are not pleased and wont grant the boon. Nevertheless Pujas give the immense satisfaction of done something good for the day and that satisfaction brings positive change in the person.
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    Well, this is an interesting thread. If you are a disciplined soldier of army you will get certain benefits from the command because you follow every instruction carefully. Now, if you are a disciplined soldier of God, you can always expect some advantage if God is listening to your prayers. Now, the question is whether the almighty is listening to your prayer or not.

    Given the level of noise pollution, it may not reach the destination in time as is evident from the delayed delivery of text messages. This delayed delivery is all the causes of concern so we need to find a certain time of the day when the network is absolutely clear and there is least chance of failure. We need to follow the techniques also, like high priority, medium priority, etc. If prayers are performed through correct techniques, it will be answered and positive changes will be effected in our lives.


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    The actual reason is not known but there is definitely some power in the prayers or Puja, whatever religion a person may be following. Many people use this time tested method.

    In case of calamities or misfortunes people have no other way except to pray and wait for the better times. Sometimes we feel that nothing is under our control and everything is destined. These are the times when Puja will bring calm and peace in our mind. There is some hidden power which we may not to be able to decipher but it exist in its own mysterious form.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    Without going into the details of the existence of God, I want to say that spending some time on puja will help us in many ways. The important point is if you perform puja by concentrating is nothing but a meditation which will help you in making your mind fresh. You will become more focused and your brain will start working very actively. Another advantage in doing pooja is that you will be able to focus your mind on the work without any detractions during the entire day.
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    I would be very brief. Pooja gives me a satisfaction, a sense of contentment and peace. But I do not perform Pooja in a formal sense. I stand or sit in front of the deity and pray silently.
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