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    Beauty lies in retaining our originality

    Normally see people tend to copy someone who is more famous or successful and they compromise their own identity and inbuilt talents thinking that this can make them successful too. A new singer tends to copy the style of some old famous singers and modulate their original voice, an average student tries to copy the studying style of a bright student thinking this can make them perform well too. In society also sometimes people compromise their thinking and original style of living due to their comparisons with their friends, neighbors relatives etc.

    It is not that adopting things from other is a bad thing. It is always nice to adopt good things from others and implement it but it should not be done blindly. We should not lose our originality in our thinking and way of working. Getting inspired from others is fine but we should work in sync with our personality, abilities, and thinking.
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    That is so true. Our originality is our personality. We should maintain that and not allow people to disturb it at all. The beauty lies in simple things, in random things that we do. We are always unique in our own way.

    So no need to copy anyone, we should accept our flaws and be the way we are. And also try to find that creative stuff in you so that you can inspire yourself more, that will further help to strengthen your personality.

    Do what inspires you !!

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    Copying is a temporary phenomenon. It may be appreciated for a while but in long run the originality prevails.

    This thread has reminded me an incident. One of my close relatives had a nack for singing and he used to sing Kishor Kumar songs and to some extent was able to copy the Kishor Kumar voice.

    Everyone was appreciating him and in every family get-to-gether, he used to sing a few songs.

    Once, my uncle told him to use his original voice rather to mimic the great singer. Our singer was a bit baffled by it but started trying the same and the results were surprising. People liked his voice better than the copied one. He continued singing in his own voice.

    So originality is a trait which is to be preserved by us and eventually only that will flourish in our life.

    Knowledge is power.

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    After reading this post my thoughts went to a singer boy who has participated in the on going Dil Hai Hindustani season 2 and created his own life story in rap format and that has stunned the judged and the three has to bow to the creative idea of his own. The has been bullied by his class mates in the school and that has hurt him too much. And being weak and cannot confront with them , this boy was accepting the wrong doing of others as fate. But that made him the great rapper today and the whole country is proud of this boy who has not copied anybody and lined up the lyrics of his own life.
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    Learning good things from others and following them is good and not a problem. A child will try to imitate the house members. They learn from the family members. We learn to teach by following our teachers. By copying others and improvising on that is also a good art. This will be the way we learn everything in our life. So copying good practices from others and forgetting others bad practices is the best way.
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    Well said by the author that beuty lies in being yourself. It's always good to take ideas from others but need not copy them exactly. People have to be what they are and try to achieve things in their own way.

    Live like what you are and it is always difficult to disguise yourself and imitate others. This will not look genuine. Be it attractive or not be yourself and genuine. People always expect genuinity from others.

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