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    Have you experienced this place?

    It is a game of greed and fear, a jungle full of bears and bulls.

    It is like a tree with tasty looking fruits hanging attracting everyone towards it.

    It is a destination to buy and sell.

    It arises when people think it will fall and falls when people think it will rise.

    It is a place where one-day people laugh and the other day they cry.

    People do a lot of research before coming here but still, get hunted by bears and bulls.

    People visiting here daily are always in front of their TV every day at 9 am.

    Here few people play long game while few play a short game.

    Buyers wait for sellers and sellers wait for buyers.

    The mistake of some is a boon for others, profit of some is a loss for others.

    Each day here begins with new expectations but can end in a trouble.

    The Venue is open from 9:15 am to 3:30 pm five days a week.

    By now you must have guessed it right. Yes, It is nothing but "Our great Stock Market".
    Have you ever visited this place?
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    Nice sum up by the author which creates curiosity and interest to read the whole text and then come to understand that the write up is made for the stock market. I am totally against this very concept of the stock market. Why because, we do not know the company, the promoters and their previous experience, and just because they want to start a business with the great promise to progress we cannot get into their shoes. However, I have seen some intelligent investors who are having full-time concentration of stock market and they keep buying and selling shares even it grows little with profits and like that they have become so rich and accurate that they have now started advising others on where to invest and when. But it is purely a gambling as many lost the money with the worst performance of the companies stating many reasons. Nevertheless, stock markets are the nerve center of government policies and programs which reflects in trading.
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    Very nice. I don't really know much about stock market but I really wanted to be a stock market broker. For two reasons. I really like a job that's filled with persuasion, negotiation and slyness. Another reason is, if done correctly we can earn a ton.

    But I never really thought of investing in stock market. That was a thought I fancied long back and fancies stayed fancies. I'm now in engineering so I'll slowly forget about stock market.

    The stronger a light shines the darker are the shadows around it.

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    Only one minor thing to point out. "The Venue is open from 9:15 am to 4:30 pm five days a week."-----------------The venue is open from 9.15 a.m to 3.30 p.m. I have immensely enjoyed this excellent thread, but I must say that with the increasing popularity of online trading through the demat account, nowadays lesser number of people visit the share market. This trend is seen everywhere in the world.
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    Thank you Mr Partha for pointing out the error regarding timings. Somehow I got confused. Now I have edited the thread accordingly. Yes you are right nowadays people mostly trade through demat accounts. Though not explicitly mentioned in my thread its intent is to refer to stock market whether virtual (online and demat) or real (face to face).

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    It is like gambling only. These days many people are investing in this stock market. To play safe one should have a lot of understanding and subject about this market. I rarely study this market. But I have a good friend who always spends time in these activities. I go as per his suggestions and invest some money in this market also. Anyhow elderly people can't take a risk and invest in this market. But Younger generation can take some calculated risk with a little portion of their savings.
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