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    Two kinds of narratives that I came across.

    We all have read something at some point in our lives. And there are tons of genres nowadays available to choose from. But here is what I found fascinating. You can classify all those stories under two patterns. Concept driven stories and plot driven stories.
    Concept driven stories are unique. The idea that the story brings is quite fascinating and appealing in itself. To understand what I mean here I use "the curious case of Benjamin Burton" as an example. It is a classic movie and an unforgettable book. The summary of the story is that Benjamin Burton was born old. His appearance was that of an old man when he was born. But as he grows up he grows younger. When he's 80, he becomes a baby. So basically it's reverse aging.

    Wasn't the story just amazing? The very concept behind the story was unheard of before then and
    only the concept alone can make anyone interested in watching/reading it. I know that even the ISC members who learnt of this movie for the first time would now feel compelled to experience it.
    There aren't many concept driven stories. Partly because they are too hard to write. Many concept driven stories cannot keep their initial build up as story progresses and fall apart.

    Then comes our regular old plot driven stories where the actions of the characters take stead in driving the plot. This is the easier method. Most authors let the character build the world than building a unique world.

    This is my observation. And I have never encountered a story that is not part of either of the categories. A story has to fall in either of these two categories. Would you agree with my observation? What path suits better to you ?
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    Soon after reading this post, my thoughts went into looking back at my 55 years journey so far and I wish I also go back in ageing like Benjamin Burton. That means we would be meeting the lost people, having the blast with whom we have parted earlier and above all the precious childhood which I lost for having taken the family responsibility at the age of 16 would also be revisited and that would thrilling and lastly the infant age would be fantastic given the present generation enjoying all those gadgets and toys of modern making. I am really fascinated by the very concept of reverse ageing. And if that happens there are every chance that those who are cheaters, bullying others, trouble makers, terrorists and even extremists may become normal as the reverse ageing would repent them to the process of bad character they gone through.
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    Being a bookworm, I have read many books and also seen a lot of movies but so far did not categorise them the way author has mentioned.

    The books or movies based on certain concepts affect our mind more than the routine plot based satires.

    Many people go to watch movies only for entertainment and fun purposes. They may not appreciate the concept based movies much. That might be a reason why only a few of the film producers go for such ventures.

    Knowledge is power.

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    I go to many movies and enjoy them. I am a lover of movies. Only for enjoyment and fun, we go there. The maximum we may discuss the movies while travelling back. We will not have any further analysis of the picture and I never classified them in the way the author mentioned. I always see them as a good entertainer or not.
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    Stories, novels etc are combination of imagination and wishes of the author with inspiration from the past experiences. So every story or novel will have the autobiographical touch presented in a different way b the author either as narrative or dialogues from the main or side characters. The sorry will proceed on the course of what the author sees and experiences and what he wishes or imagines.

    Readers or viewers identify themselves with the story or characters if they feel the story or character reflects their own experiences or wishes.

    A Tamil drama I saw many years ago was named "Mahabharathathil Mangatha".It was of a person travelling back in times. A very funny imaginative drama.

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    The 'why' behind the habit of reading a book varies from person to person. For me, I don't think and ponder like an intellectual and analyze a book. I just read the book without any expectation (other than, is it worth the time), fact or fiction and then keep in mind the good ones.

    I would disagree with you that 'concept-driven alone are worthy'. I feel once you have a concept, then the narrative is more or less not very important. On the other hand, if you take a plot-driven novel, the author's capability of the rendition becomes crucial which makes that one book stand out from the crowd.

    So, I feel the true repertoire of an author can be showcased in a plot-driven book story rather than a concept-driven one, wherein the concept steals the thunder from the author.

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