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    Twitter, Whatsapp, Instagram contents may be tracked. We will be in a surveillance state

    The recent proposal of the MoIB to set up a Social Media Communication Hub, to track contents of Twitter, Whatsapp, Instagram and even e-mails is deplorable. It is a direct infringement on the privacy of an individual and the real motive behind this is not clear.

    This motive may have direct reference to the spreading of fake news and rumors through different social media platforms that resulted in mob lynching and communal flare ups in different parts of the country, but it is not pointing to the crime – rather suspecting everybody as a criminal.

    Circulation of rumor/misinformation is always a crime and punishment for such crime should be exemplary, which will work as a deterrent. In today's world, the technologies have advanced in an unimaginable way and the resolution to the menace of circulating misinformation through different social media platforms must be found technically. If the government is so keen on tapping/snooping on every personal communication then it is advisable to ban all these communication mediums as a whole.
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    Nothing wrong with the government proposal to control the on going fake news culture which has to be tamed ,otherwise it will have cascading effect in future. Already India haters are inside the country and outside, and the social media are not verifying the antecedents of the people who are logging in and thus for the cheaters and unruly mongers, the platforms has become the blessing and they are spreading false news against the government and also evoking fear complex with hatred news. I strongly welcome the new proposal to have a eye on each contributions in social media. But a word of caution to the proposed agency, that in the name of reviewing, they should not peep into the personal details of the account holder in each social media and that would be breach of trust. Moreover we have to wait the reactions of social media on this.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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