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    If trees could receive and penetrate the WiFi signals, do we chop them ?

    We all know to grow a tree to its full potential takes years and every tree is useful to the mankind and animals too. But in the name of road development and infrastructure development many trees have been felled in Delhi in the recent past. Unlike in Hyderabad , for the Metro rail constructions, which ever tree has to be removed, they trans located to farther place without cutting. Why that sense not prevailed in the case of Delhi rulers ? And if the trees would receive and penetrate the WiFi signals, will we dare to cut those trees ?
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    It is very surprising that a state like Delhi, which is among the most polluted ones is so careless about pollution. Rather than evolving new systems like 'Odd Even' to check pollution they must check the felling of trees. In many cases the feasibility study for a project is not conducted properly, if done, the effect on environment is left out. There is no coordination among the different departments which is a must for planning a project.

    The ministers announce projects without thinking of the implementation part and their 'yes man' bureaucrats never evaluates and give proper feedback. After all, they have to stay in the good book of the ministers to enjoy all kind of perks and promotions. In many parts of India, the politicians are not aware about anything, be it environment or education or social causes. When they themselves are unaware, can we expect the citizens to be aware of anything?


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    Trees cutting should not be allowed. If it is a must and the tree is to be removed to compensate that loss at least 3 to 4 new plants should be planted. If this system is followed, I think we will have a better environment and pollution problems also will come down. In many states, the government is taking tree plantation as a campaign every year and a lot of plantation working is happening. In such a situation why Delhi governemnt is ignoring these facts. Already Delhi is very polluted and people living there can't go out without a nose mark. In such a case the government is not taking care of the plantation and protection of trees, the problem of pollution will further increase and no person can go out happily. In such a situation, if projects are to the taken up a thorough investigation of the effect of that particular project on the environment should be studied properly and then only the work should be taken up. In the absence of such a system, the problem will get aggravated. This problem should be addressed properly with due care.
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