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    Mr Tony , are you reading the posts and how the cash credits are given ?

    Mr Tony , are you reading the posts and how the cash credits are given ? Yes my straight question to the webmaster. He must have delegated responsibility to ISC think tank, and that does not absolves him from the dissent being voiced in the forum now and then, The posts which are bound to trend are deleted or locked and the posts which seems to be controversial and not required are allowed to trend and even cash credits are given. I am deeply perturbed. There is a need to change the editors forth with.
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    The Editors must be strictly discouraged to allow their party affiliations to affect their editorial functions and responsibilities. They must try to see all Members equally. They must try to judge the logic of argument of every Member instead of awarding those responses which they like from their own points of view.
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    I feel Editors should have some guidelines according to which they should discharge their responsibilities. These days many controversies are cropping up and sometimes feel like going away from the site. I hope all the people concerned with the site including the members should go as per the set guidelines and see that the system will run smoothly. I hope Webmaster, ME, LEs and Editors will have a discussion among themselves and see the site will not lose its reputation,
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    There must be a guideline for all, the editors as well as members. Since the forum topics are varied, controversy may stoke up but that should not stop the healthy discussion. Controversy is not always on political issues, certain views expressed by a member/members can led to a controversy also. The editorial team should not be influenced by their personal choices to moderate the forums, instead should follow a strict principle. Let all of us follow the guidelines diligently and if any thread is deleted or locked, the reason behind this deletion must be communicated to the author which will alert the author to choose topics in the long run.

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    In one of the response thread raised by my son, I was given zero point and the the content is retained. If point awarded is zero then why the content is retained ?
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    Dear all,

    I don't read all the threads but I do closely monitor the trends and activities. Sometimes I watch myself and some other times, they are brought to my attention by the editors. Editors are trained and trusted to do their role based on the basic guidelines given to them. They are instructed not to give explanation to every activity they do since that will lead to never-ending debates.

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    If they are instructed not to give explanation, then how the matters are going to be solved ?
    K Mohan
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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