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    Is it a Lazy Sunday for you too!! How do you spend the Sundays?

    It's not a lazy Sunday for all. For some it's a fun day, for few it's a day to engage in different social activities, many spend this day only with their families, where outsiders are strictly restricted, for few others it's as usual, the rest sleeps throughout the day.

    For me, it's a kind of a mix. There is no fix routine for Sundays, usually in the morning I spend some time in the committee office of our housing complex, since I am a working member there. Sometimes I get bored to bear up with the usual nagging things of the residents, otherwise this is enjoyable. Those who are familiar with Sunday gossips can imagine the situation inside the committee office where many members do chip in with their views on different issues. I am not an expert in all type of gossips, basically a little introvert, though try to take part in it according to my own capabilities. The afternoon and evenings vary, depending on the situations. However, it's not a lazy Sunday for me. So those who are taking a nap now, must post their stories tomorrow, the rest of the members share your Sunday activities whenever you are free today.
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    My wife and my daughter have gone to Kolkata. I am all alone here in Delhi. So, it is a terrific lazy Sunday for me. Waiting eagerly to watch the Final match, writing an article on a gallant Army Officer and submitting brief responses in ISC. Have an invitation for dinner in my sister's place in the next block of the same locality.

    Now going to have my lunch.

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    For me, Sunday times are mostly with my friends or family. Sometimes I keep scrolling the forum feed in ISC and even posting something. Also, I prefer to learn cooking on the Sundays.
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    Well this Sunday is going on well as there are so many relatives visitors as one of my relative has completed reciting Ramayana and today the Pattabishekam sargam was recited so there was a mini get together and the lunch was arranged. By virtue of it, our house is also agog with activities since morning and now the relatives are slowly dispersing one after other as the rains started. Otherwise my Sunday would be for the family, television viewing and of course sorting out the requirements needed for the next week. That way I think every one leads their life on their own priorities.
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    Just came across one good joke on the subject. The whole week we are busy with MS Excel and on the Sunday we are busy with Surf Excel. Yes the jokes seems to be reality.
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    This Saturday and Sunday are very hectic for me. We performed a function in our house. The Annaprasana (Starting of feeding rice) to my granddaughter. We conducted this function on Saturday. It was a group of about 50 people for the function. Yesterday I was full busy with that programme. Some of the guests stayed back as today is Sunday. All the guests left by 7.30PM today. These two days I was fully occupied with my guests. Now I am relieved.
    Generally, my weekends will be very busy. All the family members will be available in the house and we will spend together. We will try to go to someplace for site seeing. So I feel tired and exhausted. But during the working days my work is more of advisory nature and hence I will not get exhausted so much. Anyhow it is not a lazy Sunday for me many times.

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    I am a retired person and more or less all weekdays are almost like a Sunday for me. The same routine from morning to evening. Still, sometimes I am lucky to have a change, a short outdoor activity or things like that.

    Last week we had good rains in this area (Navi Mumbai) and especially for last two days it has been raining continuously. Some of my friends suggested to go to nearby hills where near the hill base due to continuous rains water falls have started. Today, just after lunch, in the afternoon we went there and were surprised to see the crowd which has literally thronged the area and every small water fall or rivulet was in possession of people taking bath, shouting exclamations, singing songs etc and we were simply fascinated by such an amusing scene. Some members of our group having good physique ventured to go under the water fall and took a refreshing bath. There were many hawkers selling corn, vada-pav, momos etc. and were having brisk sale. Mineral water was in much demand and was also selling as a hot item.

    We did not know how the time flew by and it was already 7 PM when we decided to return. Every one was thrilled with this short but refreshing excursion and was talking about the continuous rains in this terrain which made this trip memorable.

    This Sunday was really special. Now, after the dinner I wanted to post something in ISC and when I opened the forum section this thread by the author gave me immediate opportunity to share my activities today.

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